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2024 FCS NFL Draft Scouting Report: Howard OL Anim Dankwah

Howard OL Anim Dankwah

Height: 6-foot-8
Weight: 350 pounds
Career Statistics: 33 Career Games, 2,252 Career Snaps, 13 Sacks Allowed
Accolades: 3X MEAC All-Conference selection (2021-23), HBCU All-American (2022-23), Preseason FCS All-American (2023; Phil Steele)

Background Report:

Anim Dankwah's journey from the basketball courts of Accra, Ghana, to the football fields of Howard University is a story of adaptation, perseverance, and raw talent. After moving to the United States and attending Taft High School in Connecticut, Dankwah pursued basketball before discovering his passion and talent for football in his junior year.

Despite facing eligibility challenges, often hindering international student-athletes, Dankwah's late recruitment saw him committing to Howard University. The university's academic prestige and promise of early playing time caught Dankwah's attention.

Dankwah's collegiate football career began in 2021, following the canceled 2020 season due to COVID-19. As Howard's starting left tackle, his presence on the field became indispensable, starting every game in the 2022 and 2023 seasons. His performance earned him All-DraftHBCU and All-MEAC first-team honors, highlighting his contributions to the team and showcasing his potential to scouts and analysts.

Scouting Report:

Standing at an imposing 6-foot-8 and weighing 350 pounds, Anim Dankwah is a towering figure on the offensive line. His size, wide frame, and good weight distribution make him a formidable opponent for any defensive line. Dankwah's upper body strength is critical, allowing him to overpower defenders and protect his quarterback effectively.

However, his journey from a promising prospect to a professional athlete is not without its hurdles. Dankwah's struggle with bending impacts his leverage, making it challenging to counteract shorter, more agile defensive linemen. While he excels at initiating blocks and demonstrates a commendable leg drive, his inconsistent finishing blocks raise concerns.

Dankwah's range and ability to cover ground are impressive for his size in pass protection. His nimbleness in mirroring defenders allows him to hold his own in most matchups. Nevertheless, his strong punch is sometimes not enough to deter outside speed rushers, exposing a vulnerability in his game.

Projection: Round 6-7

Dankwah projects as a fringe NFL rotational prospect, his path to the NFL is clear but requires dedicated improvement in specific areas. Enhancing his bend and leverage will be crucial in overcoming shorter defenders, while consistently finishing blocks could solidify his role on the offensive line.

Additionally, improving his foot speed and agility is paramount to countering the quick and versatile edge rushers he will face professionally. Anim Dankwah's rare combination of size, strength, and developmental potential make him an intriguing prospect. His transition from basketball to football and rapid adaptation and growth in the sport speak volumes about his work ethic and potential ceiling.

With targeted training and refinement in his technique, Dankwah can transform from a fringe prospect into a valuable asset for any NFL team willing to invest in his development.