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Florida Gators, Keyontae Johnson Provide Medical Update, Out for the Season

The family of Gators forward Keyontae Johnson releases update on his status, the SEC Preseason Player of the Year is out for the season.

Today, the family of Florida Gators forward Keyontae Johnson released an update to his status following the medical emergency that occurred on Dec. 12 when Johnson collapsed on the court during the team's matchup against the Florida State Seminoles.

After a long stay in the hospital, Johnson was released from the hospital on Dec. 22 and has since continued his recovery at home.

In a statement released by his family, the family noted that according to medical experts, including those from the University of Florida Heath, Johnson's medical emergency was not related to or a result of a previous or current COVID-19 diagnosis.

The family also states that Johnson will continue his recovery, focusing on his academics. While he will be around his team, Johnson will not return to the court this season.

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Below is the full statement from Johnson's family:   

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support and well wishes for Keyontae and our entire family. We are also incredibly thankful for the medical care provided and the willingness of experts here and across the country to be involved in helping us better understand the events of December 12.

University of Florida Health treating physicians consulted with other local and national experts who reviewed the relevant imaging and testing related to this case. The unanimous conclusion of all experts is that Keyontae’s medical emergency was not related to or a result of a previous or current Covid diagnosis.

The consultation team included physicians from the Cardiac and Vascular Institute of Gainesville, University of Washington Center for Sports Cardiology, Massachusetts General Hospital at Harvard University, Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Yale University School of Medicine.

We continue to be committed to sharing any information that could be helpful to others. Our hope is that the experts’ conclusion that this instance is not Covid-related will bring some peace of mind.

Our focus now is on Keyontae’s academics and continued recovery. His resilience has been inspiring to watch. He will spend the rest of the season focused on being the best coach and teammate he can be. What comes next for Keyontae is for him to share on his own timeline.

Since 2018, Johnson has played in 67 games for Florida, starting 37. He's averaged 10.8 points per game, including 14 PPG during the 2019-20 campaign. He has shot a FG% of 51.2% in his career, while also averaging 6.7 rebounds per game, 1.4 assists per game and 1.1 steals per game.