Florida Gators Football Reports One New Positive COVID-19 Case

Florida Gators athletics has released its latest COVID-19 test result numbers for the month of November.
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Just one week after reporting 0 positive COVID-19 test results among the football team, the Florida Gators athletics department has reported one new positive case of COVID-19 among the football team, with now two within the entire athletics department through Nov. 16.  

While even one case is detrimental, this is a far cry from the outbreak the football team had just last month when upwards of 37 cases among the football team were reported.

The team had to postpone its matchup against the LSU Tigers from Oct. 17 to Dec. 12, which as of right now, is the current plan and has yet to be changed. That will be the final game of the regular season for the Gators who look to take on the winner of the SEC West in the SEC Championship game on Dec. 19.

Below, you can find the entire testing update, with results through Monday, Nov. 9:

Since Athletes Returned to Campus on May 26

Total Tests on Campus: 6,154

Total Positives on Campus: 158

Total Tests for November: 762

Total Positives for November: 2

Since Football Athletes Returned to Campus on May 26th

Total Tests on Campus: 3,276

Total Positives on Campus: 69

Total Tests for November: 355

Total Positives for November: 1

Florida will need to continue to be vigilant in how it treats the coronavirus and take precautions to prevent a spread if it wants its season to continue on as planned. This week will mark the first week the team goes on a plane to face off against an SEC opponent since its outbreak following the Texas A&M trip in Week 3 of the SEC's season. 

"The Jacksonville one, I think that was a little bit easier," Mullen said when asked about the first plane trip the team will have since Texas A&M.

"You had a bus ride. You were spread out over, I think we took five or six buses, so we were really spread out. Obviously, you have a regular locker room. The visiting locker room there is very similar to a home locker room, so that was different. So since the A&M game, first real road game. We've put a bunch of different things in place, we're looking at different things. Getting on a plane is getting on a plane. We've got to be really smart about how we do it."