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Scouting Report: Florida Gators QB Commit Nick Evers

Getting to know the strengths of Florida Gators 2022 quarterback commit Nick Evers' game, and where he can improve at the next level.

The Florida Gators landed their quarterback for the class of 2022 in Nick Evers on Tuesday. And that quarterback is what football junkies like to call a gunslinger.

Evers' junior season tape, his first season as a starter for Flower Mound (Texas), is littered with clips where he heaves deep passes down the field at different angles and targeting different concepts. With a quick, fluid release within the pocket, Evers has no trouble putting zip on his passes and pushing the ball down the field.

The 6-foot-4, 190-pound signal-caller keeps his footwork clean as he drops into the pocket, often taking three-step drops from the shotgun in his school's offense. Evers' feet are active he has shown the ability to cleanly step into his throw from the top of his drop in order to maximize the velocity he puts on the ball, particularly when targeting curls and comeback routes. 

Evers routinely leads his receivers on deep passes as well, often releasing his pass with poise in the pocket and without stalling after his drop. He's quick to diagnose his receiver defeating the cushion on go routes releasing outside and post routes releasing inside before uncorking his throw, and puts the ball in a spot where only his receiver can make a catch - typically without losing steam.

How these skills apply to shorter throws? We're not completely sure, as Evers' tape leans on the deep ball and intermediate passes. Evers has shown the processing skills to anticipate throwing windows in the intermediate middle of the field, though, which suggests he should be able to pick up West Coast-style passing concepts and spot plays similar to what Florida deployed under quarterback Kyle Trask to go up-tempo.

Evers is a capable runner, as well. He isn't considered a true dual-threat, but Evers is nimble on his feet and surprisingly elusive in close quarters with defenders. With a bigger frame, he has shown a willingness to take on and absorb contact on the run, but doesn't put himself in a position to risk injury on film from our observations. He breaks off on a 40-yard touchdown run in the video above, avoiding a couple of tackles in the backfield before scampering down the sideline.

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There were a couple of instances where Evers made throws on the run throughout his junior season highlights as well. Not too many, and we'll want to see more during his senior year, but one example can be found where Evers climbs up and to the right from the pocket and releases a pass off of his right foot without resetting his feet. The ball still spun cleanly with got to its target quickly, accurately finding the hands of Evers' receiver on the sideline.

A testament to Evers' arm strength is the velocity he can generate going from hash-to-hash. Considered NFL-level throws in scouting terms, analysts want to see quarterbacks successfully make throws from one side of the field to the other without losing steam.

Evers can continue to unlock his arm strength with an improved, consistent follow through on his platform throws. However, Evers has made these hash-to-hash-caliber throws before with a simple flick of his wrist. The ball glides off of his hand and generates power with relative ease when Evers is not under pressure.

Florida has plenty of talent ahead of Evers in its quarterback room. Emory Jones is set to take over as the team's starter in 2021 and has another two years of eligibility remaining as the coronavirus pandemic provided an eligibility extension. Anthony Richardson, a Gainesville native, is viewed as next in line behind Jones, and will be a freshman again in 2021 due to extended eligibility.

On top of that, UF added two quarterbacks in the class of 2021: Carlos Del Rio-Wilson and Jalen Kitna.

Despite that, Evers offers enough arm talent and intrigue to make a push after a couple of years developing in head coach Dan Mullen's offensive system. It would be of little surprise to see Evers compete for the starting role in the Gators' offense come year three, likely battling Del Rio-Wilson and Kitna for reps at that point.