All Seminoles Podcast: Scrimmages, Sorries and Speculation with Ingram Smith

There was a lot to discuss on this week's episode
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All three co-hosts are back for another edition of the “All Seminoles Podcast” which you can find now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. With everything that took place in the last week at FSU, we felt it was necessary to bring in a guest. Ingram Smith from the wildly popular Nolecast sat down with us for the first half of the show.

Then we hear Mike and Dustin’s take on many of the same topics. 

Some of the topics discussed in this episode:

  • UNC, Notre Dame and Michigan State. 
  • Campuses going virtual 
  • The Warren Thompson situation 
  • The testing protocol that Florida State has in place
  • Social media backlash and how Mike Norvell has handled it
  • The future of college football and how Covid-19 will shape it
  • Super conferences?
  • Do we make it to kickoff against Georgia Tech?
  • How many games does FSU play this season? 
  • News and notes coming out of the first scrimmage under Mike Norvell
  • Should FSU be worried about recruiting?

This show was very football heavy but that’s where the news takes us this time of year. There are practices and press conferences every day and we try to stay on top of that for you.

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