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Watch Mike Norvell Address FSU Players' Unrest

The Seminole head coach responds to a potentially divisive issue.

Let's just start with what we do know. On Wednesday night, senior Florida State receiver DJ Matthews tweeted that he'd tested positive for COVID-19. Typically, that tweet would be embedded below, but it was quickly deleted. 

Fast forward to today, when Matthews and fellow Seminole receivers took to social media to voice their discontent in a firm, if not somewhat vague, manner. Redshirt-sophomore Warren Thompson led the way, with the tweet included below—which has not been deleted. 

We're not sure exactly what "leadership" is being targeted here, but Matthews weighed in as well.

As did star wideout Tamorrion Terry—and his mom.

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In his post-practice press conference, the video of which is attached, head coach Mike Norvell spoke to the issue, insisting that FSU has "been very open and transparent" about coronavirus protocol, while emphasizing time and again the "voluntary" nature of the enterprise. 

Norvell also indicated that the program was "shorter" on players today, but declined to address which players missed practice or why. He did state that some players have experienced "illness," but then COVID-19 tests have returned negative. He also maintained that players are being tested weekly. Norvell stated that he has not addressed the team about this new development, as they were just coming off the practice field. But he did stipulate that he's "disappointed" in what he's heard has been said, and that "there are some aspects of what [he's] heard that are untrue."

And other players are insisting that the program is following protocol quite well—specifically, those released to the media after Norvell's address concluded, Joshua Kaindoh and Jaiden Lars-Woodbey. Lars-Woodbey tweeted about the issue just before speaking with the media.

Also supporting the status quo was fellow team leader Marvin Wilson. Wilson, of course, had a well publicized disagreement with Norvell the other month that resulted in the head coach apologizing for misspeaking. 

This situation will continue to evolve, and we'll keep you apprised of new developments as they present themselves.