Georgia Tech Players Join the Fight To Save 2020 Season

Ashley Barnett

Last week signaled hope for the fate of the 2020 college football season amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. With each Power Five conference adopting a preferred scheduling model, fall camp started for football programs across the nation. Schedules for the upcoming season were announced as most teams learned when and who they'd play. 

The optimism for the upcoming season quickly faded over the weekend when news surfaced that the Power Five leagues would convene this week to postpone sports until 2021. 

“It’s gotten to a critical stage,” one conference commissioner told Sports Illustrated Sunday, after a conference call between the heads of the Power 5 conferences. “I think all of us will be meeting with our boards in the coming days. We have work to do that is no fun.”

According to reports, following the Mid-American Conference's decision to cancel fall sports on Saturday, the Big Ten is moving towards a similar conclusion. Should that plan happen, it could spell a disastrous domino effect for the other conferences to follow suit. 

As uncertainty amplifies regarding the fall season, several college football players from countless programs turned to social media to unify and fight to save the 2020 season. 

Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence was one of the first players to strongly vocalize his desire to play football in 2020, and starting an online movement via Twitter using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay.

As the #WeWantToPlay campaign gained momentum on Sunday, numerous Georgia Tech players also turned to social media to join the fight. 

Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates:

In a series of tweets Sunday evening, Yates continued to express the need and importance of football being played this fall. 

"Right now, us college football players are probably in the safest environments possible during this pandemic," Yates tweeted. "We’re around a world class medical staff and have a strict protocol to ensure that we are as safe as possible. Cancelling the season removes us from this climate... putting us at an even higher risk to contract the virus and spread it to others. As we’ve seen in the media, people who don’t have a bigger picture to focus on do not follow the proper protocol and removing the season will cause many college football players to do the same."

Georgia Tech tight end Dylan Leonard: 

Georgia Tech offensive lineman Ryan Johnson:

Georgia Tech defensive back Charlie Thomas:

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