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Coach Prime's FBS Candidacy Takes 'Petty Shots'

Two "petty" theories against Coach Deion Sanders' candidacy as an FBS head coach are oozing out of the woodworks.

Recently, I learned two "petty" shots and theories against Coach Deion Sanders' candidacy as an FBS head coach are oozing out of the woodworks.

I couldn't let them slip through the cracks; they do not have relevancy against his candidacy as a head coach.

JSU Coach Deion Sanders

Negative Theory No. 1

One came from a Pac-12 institution administrator who believes he is an outstanding candidate but fears the "publicity" and "bold persona" of Coach Prime. 

However, he respects that Jackson State administrators and instructors have praised Sanders for supporting the educational doctrine of the institution. Also, the Pac-12 administrator sees his passion and care for his players as a rarity in the current times.

Coach Prime aka Deion Sanders
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Negative Theory No. 2

Brett McMurphy of the Action Network tweeted, "One potential obstacle for Deion Sanders being hired at FBS level, sources told Action Network HQ, is the multiple academic & financial issues that surrounded Sanders' failed "Prime Prep Academy." It is in the front of every presidents' mind, source said."

Here are the current facts.

Jackson State "had a graduation success rate of 90%, the highest in the SWAC and tied with Ole Miss and Mississippi State athletics in for the highest in the state," according to Langston Newsome of the Clarion Ledger. The Tigers football program has the most student-athletes in the JSU athletic department. Thus, the football team's staff is also responsible for the high-graduation success rate.

At this point, look for more negative commentary as particular institutions conduct "witch hunts" and "fault-finding campaigns" against hiring black coaches at the FBS level. Coach Sanders' past situations at the Texas high school are well documented for administrators to knit-pick. 

A valid argument would pertain to any recent NCAA violations or compliance and disciplinary issues against Sanders instead of an old high school problem.

The points should remain relevant to the coach and his student-athletes.  Give him a fair assessment as a collegiate head coach and his record.  Will it be above board?

We shall see.