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Morehouse-Howard Halftime Report

Morehouse-Howard Halftime Report

Morehouse-Howard Halftime Report from MetLife Stadium on Sept. 17, 2022.

Spike Lee

Morehouse 1st Drive

  • 10 yard, pick up of 6 yards.
  • QB RPO picked up the first down, but it was a forward fumble out of bounds.
  • Pass to RB Pride for 9 yards is under review.  Ruled an incomplet pass.
  • 2nd and 10 from the 32-yard line.
  • Nunez reception to the 28-yard line.
  • RPO from West to the 38-yard line.
  • Running game working for Morehouse on the outside.  Howard is stuffing the middle.
  • 3rd and 7 yards.  West is 2 yards short of the first down.
  • 4th and 6
  • Trying to draw an offsides call.  Delay of game called. 
  • Punt to the 19-yard line for 37 yard punt.

Howard 1st Drive

  • On the 20.  
  • Morehouse sacks QB Robert Jones III for 5 yards.
  • Carlisle's beautiful one-hand grab is negated by an illegal formation call.
  • West's pass to Hawthorne for 2 yards.
  • West to Carlisle for 21 yards to pick up the first down.
  • Hawthorne 7 yard reception to the 40 yard line.
  • 3rd down pass by West is incomplete.  Morehouse held
  • Punt to the 24 yard line.

Morehouse 2nd Drive

  • 1st and 10 from the 14 yard 
  • 3rd and 3
  • Pass deep missed long from West
  • Fair catch at the 45 yard line;  27-yard punt.

Howard 2nd Drive

  • QB keeper for 3 yards
  • West for 6 yards.
  • Morehouse stopped the running back from no yards.
  • 4th and 2
  • False start on OL Dankwah prevents the 4th-down attempt.

Morehouse 3rd Drive

  • Draw play on 1st and 15 yards.
  • 6-yard gain.
  • Bomb to Tolliver missed off his fingertips.
  • 3rd and 9.
  • West was bull-doozed by the Bison for a 4th and 15.
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Howard 3rd Drive

  • Take over at the 40 yard line of Morehouse.
  • Four yard run.
  • Girtman shoots into the backfield, but the running back escaped for a 4 yard gain.
  • 4th and 5.  Morehouse stops Howard again. at the 34. 14:47

Morehouse 4th Drive

  • 1st down run thwarted by the Bison.
  • West to No. 2 went incomplete.
  • Penalty by Morehouse.  4th down.

Howard 4th Drive

  • Howard is near mid-field
  • 2nd and 3
  • Incomplete in the endzone.
  • 1st down at the 35 yard line.  Timeout Morehouse.
  • Bison first down at the 14-yard line.
  • QB sacked by Caleb Grant tot he 26 yard line.
  • 43 yard kick went wide left.  The Morehouse defense holds off a productive drive by Howard.

Morehouse 5th Drive

  • 0-0 with 8:50 left until halftime.
  • Big hole opened to the 47 yard line.
  • 1st down in Howard territory.
  • West on 2nd to the 35.  3rd and 3.
  • 5 yard run by Davis.  1st down.
  • 3rd at the 22-yard line.
  • Huge 3rd down play coming for Morehouse at the 16-yard line.  53 second remaining before the half.
  • Sacked for 5 yards.  4th and 14 with 45 seconds on the clock.
  • FG attempt spoiled.  Blocked after a fumbled snap on the play.
  • 0-0 going into halftime.


Neither team was able to score in the first half.  Howard and Morehouse ended drives with missed field goal attempts.   

Howard moved the football near midfield with 25 seconds before the half.  Williams missed a wide open WR Richie Illaraza in Morehouse territory.  A chop block sent the Bison back to the 49-yard line.  

Morehouse closed the door on the first half by sacking Williams.


  • Howard had 7 first downs to Morehouse's six first downs.
  • Morehouse out-rushed the Bison 20 to 11 for 68 yards to 11 yards.
  • Howard outgained Morehouse through the air, 110 yards to 26 yards.

Halftime Score

Morehouse 0, Howard 0