Green Talks About His Role With Former Hawkeyes

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Robert T. Green, representing former Iowa running back Akrum Wadley and other players in their allegations against the Hawkeye football program, said on Wednesday his job is to "basically take what they said — that's what they said to be true, I believe it to be true - and have their voices be heard based on the platform I have.

Green's interview on ESPN 1170 in the Quad Cities covered multiple topics.

You can watch the full interview below, which starts at the 1:27:00 mark.

Green's organization's, Pre-Post Game, is representing Akrum Wadley and other former players expressing grievances toward the program.

According to Green, he was not the one contacting former Hawkeye football players.

"Several Iowa families and several former Iowa athletes reached out to us," Green said.

Green says he does not edit player statements

Before he appeared on the show, Green released a statement from former Hawkeye wide receiver Jonathan Parker on his time with the program.

Parker's statement entails an instance where offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz kicked a trash can and referred to Parker as a "dumb ass black player." There was also an allegation of Parker being fed a medium rare steak on purpose, as it would upset his stomach.

Green was asked on ESPN 1170 if he prepares these statements from former players, and he denied.

"I don't edit anything," Green said. "That's not the point. It's not my job to edit. That's disrespectful when you say edit. Every statement that goes through me, my company, when I say things, it's their voices, not mine."

Green denied contacting Iowa target Ricky Parks despite posting about doing so on Facebook

Green denied that he contacted 2021 recruit Ricky Parks, a 4-star running back out of Tampa, Florida, who committed to Utah over Iowa on June 28.

However, on June 14, Green posted on Facebook, saying he sent Parks a comment an Iowa fan made regarding the team being "dead" to him if they chose to kneel.

Green Parks
Robert T. Green denied contacting Iowa target Ricky Parks, which contradicts his previous Facebook post on June 14.

Green has not contacted Husch Blackwell law firm or Iowa football

When Iowa announced its separation agreement with former strength and conditioning coach Chris Doyle on June 15, Athletics Director Gary Barta also shared that the program was under an independent investigation by Kansas City law firm Husch Blackwell.

Green told ESPN 1170 that he has not spoken to the law firm.

The hosts asked Green if he's reached out to Iowa, as he is working to represent former players of the program.

"I don't work for Kirk Ferentz or Iowa," he said.

Green added that Iowa's response to player stories (specifically Wadley's, when it said that it would not be commenting on 'individual unverified accusations') was "condescending" and "arrogant."

When asked about financial matters, Green said he's doing it for the players

Green was asked if he was representing players for a financial gain. While he didn't explicitly say 'no,' Green stressed that he's in it for the players.

"I'm doing this for this point: At the end of the day, if you're interested in what happened to these kids and their benefit, then speak about it," he said.

Green went on to explain that he's worked with non-profits in the past, but declined to get into specifics on his current position with former Iowa football members.

"I'm a business owner, so when you check my background regarding contracts and situations in regard to what I do, how I go about doing, that's between me and my company," he said.

Green also said that the point of him coming on the show was not to talk about himself.

"If you're more interested about me, then you can Google, research, and look it up for yourself," he said.

Green addressed Wadley's previous tweets about Iowa

A little more than a year ago, Wadley tweeted he missed the days of waking up, chugging Powerades, eating breakfast, and making to workouts on Mondays after "a wild weekend," saying "only the real ones can relate."

Wadley tweet
In a since deleted tweet, Akrum Wadley said he misses the days of early mornings and working out after a "wild weekend."

The tweet has since been deleted, but ESPN 1170 asked Green about what that meant.

"I'll explain what that means for people," Green said. "'Only the real ones know' means if you break through something that most people don't go through, it's hell on wheels. If you right now tried to go drink those things and work out, you'd understand what he went through."

Green added more about who exactly 'the real ones' are.

"The real ones, he's talking about the coaches. He's talking about the players that transferred on that line with him," Green said.

Should Akrum Wadley's younger brother play for Iowa? 'That's his choice.'

In the past, Wadley has been active on supporting an Iowa scholarship offer for his younger brother Donovan. Wadley previously retweeted suggestions that his younger brother should attend Iowa.

ESPN 1170 asked Green if given a scholarship, would Donovan accept, given his older brother's testimonials and deeming the program a "living nightmare."

"That's his choice," Green said. "That has nothing to do with me."

He quickly backtracked, however.

"Honestly, I would say no," he said. "...If I was being asked, I would say no."

Wadley's mother, Shardona Phelps, has also been active in the conversation regarding Donovan and Iowa.

"We know parents are like, whatever it is, they want things, they say things, they do things," Green said. "That has nothing to do with why I'm involved in this scenario."

Green was scheduled for a radio interview with 1630 KCJJ on Friday, but he cancelled shortly after his interview with ESPN 1170 concluded.

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