The Live Thread: Iowa vs. Ohio State

John Bohnenkamp

Welcome to the live thread for tonight's Iowa-Ohio State wrestling dual.

Dual facts

Time and place — 8:03 p.m., Carver-Hawkeye Arena, Iowa City


Radio — KXIC (800-AM) and Hawkeye All-Access

Records — Iowa 7-0 (4-0 Big Ten), Ohio State 7-1 (3-0)

Rankings — Iowa is No. 1 and Ohio State is No. 4 in the NWCA Division I coaches poll.

Series — Iowa leads, 39-4.

Iowa lineup

165 — Alex Marinelli (Jr., 13-0). 174 — Michael Kemerer (Sr., 7-0). 184 — Abe Assad (Fr., 18-3). 197 — Jacob Warner (Soph., 10-3). 285 — Tony Cassioppi (Fr., 12-0). 125 — Spencer Lee (Jr., 9-0). 133 — Austin DeSanto (Jr., 11-1). 141 — Carter Happel (Jr., 6-3). 149 — Pat Lugo (Sr., 13-0). 157 — Kaleb Young (Jr., 10-2). 

Ohio State lineup

165 — Ethan Smith (Soph., 13-7). 174 — Kaleb Romero (Soph., 13-2). 184 — Rocky Jordan (Fr., 22-4). 197 — Kollin Moore (Sr., 18-0). 285 — Gary Traub (Jr., 17-3). 125 — Hunter Lucas (Jr., 6-4). 133 — Jordan Decatur (Fr., 9-4). 141 — Luke Pletcher (Sr., 18-0). 149 — Sammy Sasso (Fr., 16-2). 157 — Elijah Cleary (Jr., 13-7). 

Marinelli vs. Smith

A high-scoring first period. Marinelli opened with a takedown 20 seconds into the match. Smith came back with escape, then Marinelli added a second takedown at the 1:56 mark. Smith escaped 25 seconds later. A third Marinelli takedown was followed by a third Smith escape. Smith got a takedown with 26 seconds to go and rode out the period.

Marinelli started the second period with an escape, then got a takedown at the 1:21 mark and rode out the rest of the period to lead 9-5.

Smith started the third period with an escape. Marinelli got a takedown with 1:22 to go. Smith escaped with a minute to go, but Marinelli quickly came back with another takedown. Smith had an escape followed by a takedown, but that would end the scoring. With a point for riding time, Marinelli wins, 14-10. Iowa 3, Ohio State 0.

Kemerer vs. Romero

Kemerer started with a takedown, but couldn't do much else. He finished the first period with 2:41 of riding time.

Kemerer opened the second period with an escape. Kemerer added a point when Romero was called for hands to the face. Kemerer added a takedown with 25 seconds left. Romero scored an escape. Kemerer had 2:50 in riding time, and won 7-1. Iowa 6, Ohio State 0.

Assad vs. Jordan

Neither wrestler scored in the first period. Assad rolled out for an escape with 1:15 left for the only point in the second period. Jordan escaped to open the third period, then Assad got a takedown with :50 left, riding out the 3-1 win to a standing ovation. Iowa 9, Ohio State 0.

Wilcke vs. Moore

Cash Wilcke was a late addition at 197 for the Hawkeyes. Moore scored a takedown at the 1:40 mark. Wilcke answered with an escape. Moore added a second takedown with 22 seconds left to lead 4-1 at the end of the period.

Moore rolled out for an escape to start the second period. He had a takedown with 1:15 left, then let Wilcke up for an escape to lead 7-2 at the end of the period.

Wilcke escaped to open the third period. With 1:17 in riding time, Moore won, 8-3. Iowa 9, Ohio State 3.

Cassioppi vs. Traub

Cassioppi, after lifting Traub high in the air, gets a takedown 50 seconds into the match. Traub escaped with 1:17 left. Cassioppi bulled into a takedown with 40 seconds left for a 4-1 lead.

Cassioppi worked to get an escape with four seconds left in the second period to a rousing ovation. Traub started the third period with an escape. Cassioppi powered Traub to the mat for a takedown with 45 seconds left, then added a two-point near-fall. Traub escaped for the final 9-3 margin. Iowa 12, Ohio State 3.

Iowa lost a team point for "control of mat." Iowa 11, Ohio State 3.

Lee vs. Lucas

Lee's first takedown came with 2:25 left in the first period, then got a four-point near-fall. Lee added a second four-point near-fall, and then a third for a 14-0 lead with :53.9 left in the period. The final four-point near-fall ended the match. With riding time, Lee won 18-0. Iowa 16, Ohio State 3.

DeSanto vs. Decatur

Decatur scored a takedown 10 seconds into the match. DeSanto followed with an escape. DeSanto scored his takedown at 2:10. Decatur's escape at 1:30 tied the match. DeSanto added another takedown, followed by a Decatur escape. Another DeSanto takedown, right before the horn, gave him a 7-4 lead after the first period.

DeSanto escaped to open the second period, then scored a takedown for a 10-4 lead. Decatur escaped, with DeSanto answering with another takedown. Another Decatur escape, another DeSanto takedown, another Decatur escape, another DeSanto takedown, and then a repeat by the two, and DeSanto led 18-8 at the end of the period.

DeSanto continued his takedown barrage, and won 27-12 at the 1:02 mark. Iowa 21, Ohio State 3.

Happel vs. Pletcher

Pletcher and Happel did the takedown-escape exchange twice in the first period. Pletcher escaped to open the second period, then got a takedown with :55 left. Happel followed with an escape. Happel was hit with a stalling call, with a point to Pletcher. Pletcher added a takedown with 10 seconds left and led 10-3 at the end of the second period.

Happel was hit with a second stalling penalty, then Pletcher got him with a takedown. Pletcher won, 14-5. Iowa 21, Ohio State 7.

Lugo vs. Sasso

The first period was scoreless. Sasso started the second period with an escape, the only point of the period. 

Lugo escaped 55 seconds into the third period. His takedown with 10 seconds to go gave him a 3-1 lead, but after a replay review the takedown was overruled.

Lugo looked to have a takedown in sudden victory, but no call was made. Iowa coach Tom Brands threw the challenge brick, but the ruling was upheld.

Sasso started the tiebreaker period with an escape. A replay review at the end to see if Sasso had locked hands showed nothing, according to the officials, and Sasso won, 2-1. Sasso played to the crowd during the review, drawing boos. Iowa 21, Ohio State 10.

Young vs. Cleary

Cleary received a stall warning with 1:15 to go in the first period. Young got a takedown with a minute to go. Cleary escaped with :25 left, and Young led 2-1 after the first period.

Young rode out the second period, not allowing Cleary to escape, and piled up 2:33 of riding time. 

Young escaped to open the third period, then finished the match with 2:26 in riding time for a 4-1 win. Iowa 24, Ohio State 10.

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Ok, John, give it to me. following all the way from Thailand. I can't get btn/fox stream to work so... Close matches from 174 up? plus 141 and 149.