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Player Ratings to Theme of Ways to Waste Time: TCU at Kansas

The Horned Frogs thrashed the Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse. Let's rate some player performances.
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Kansas just lost to TCU at home by 16 more points than the football team did to the TCU team that played for the national championship. That was terrible, just ridiculously and uncharacteristically bad. So, we get a ratings post to match. 

There are good ways to waste your time and there is spending two hours watching Kansas get humiliated at home by TCU.  Today, we rate the players performances to different ways to waste your time. And as a side note, I'm not even rating Jalen Wilson.  His performance in that game was so dissimilar from everyone else wearing a Jayhawk shirt, that he doesn't really deserve to be in the conversation.  For the rest of the players, here's how we do it:

5 Stars: Out of this world performance. This is a hard to achieve rating and is only reserved for the most impressive or impressionable performances.

4 Stars: A strong performance that falls just short of the standards above.

3 Stars: Average performance. Also could be a very strong game in one aspect but a very poor game in another such as 15 points but seven turnovers. Could also be that the player played, did their job, but didn't do much spectacularly.

2 Stars: Below average performance, or we simply have higher expectations for the player on this particular night.

1 Star: Rare, but if a player has a stinker in all aspects.

5 Stars: Taking a Nap

Man, there is very little better than taking that midday nap and then waking up refreshed. 

No one was a five star.

4 Stars: Going on a walk, shopping, anything really

Go out and get some exercise.  Buy a gift for a loved one.  Treat yourself to an ice cream cone. All of these are vastly better than the way Kansas played.

No one was a four star except walk-on Michael Jankovich who shot 100% from the field after nailing that three.

3 Stars: Scrolling your feed/playing a game on your phone

This is probably something that many KU fans were doing, especially in the second half.

MJ Rice and Zuby Ejiofor barely played and were therefore better than almost everyone else in this game.

Kevin McCullar was the only non-Wilson regular that was decent in this one. Scored ten points in a semi-bounce back game after struggling for a week or so.

2 Stars: Watching something else

Even if you have no streaming subscriptions and no cable, you could just scan air TV and find something better than that game. Still, it's hard to turn the channel when KU is on, so this gets a low star.

Dajuan Harris must have some lingering head issues after landing on it late in the KSU game. Looked completely out of sync in this one despite eight assists.

Gradey Dick is in a shooting slump and made just two of eight from deep against the Horned Frogs.

This might be a little harsh on KJ Adams, but he just didn't have a good game. Riddled with foul trouble and unable to handle TCU's size.

The box score says that Ernest Udeh only played seven minutes, but it looked like and felt like 30.  Ernest isn't there yet, and this was really a game that exposed his weaknesses.

Zach Clemence wasn't that great either, but did a few good things.  Maybe this could've been a three, but who cares, I'm not feeling generous.

1 Star: Watching KU/TCU on January 21, 2023

What a colossal waste of time.  This is one of those games where the people that bought tickets to the game should be refunded their money. Figure out a way, KU athletics.

Both Bobby Pettiford and Joseph Yesufu were awful in this one. Dajaun wasn't clicking and it was obvious that one or both of these guys needed to step up.  Instead, they passed it to a guy in purple whenever they could. Just burn the tape of this game and move on.

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