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David McComb Says His Recruitment Is 100% Closed

Kansas Jayhawks 2025 quarterback commit David McComb talks recruiting updates and upcoming visit
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The Kansas Jayhawks have never shied away from going to bat for a high-level quarterback. They did it this past recruiting class and landed Isaiah Marshall who was the face of the class. They have done it again for the 2025 class and have landed another high-level quarterback who could be the face of the program.

This staff landed a recruitment by the name of David McComb. McComb committed to the Jayhawks on July 27th, 2023, and is a four-star quarterback prospect from Memorial High School in Edmond, Oklahoma, and measures in at around 6-foot-3 215 pounds. McComb recently locked in a visit with Kansas.

Take a look.

He spoke with Blue Wings Rising to talk about his current stance with Kansas as well as his upcoming official visit.

“It’s been great,” McComb stated to Blue Wings Rising. “I talk to the coaches all the time I call Coach Z once a week and we text throughout the week. All of the recruiting coordinators I keep in good touch with and we talk about other guys I should be out recruiting myself.”

A big part of recruiting is getting recruits to help you out! Who better than to get a quarterback to help you out as he is the base of the offense and likely the captain of the team at all times?

“I talk consistently to Andrew Babalola, Bryson Hayes, Karson Cox, and Dawson Merritt. Those are all guys that are going to be big-time players in college and the coaches up in Lawrence are super high on them as players and people. I don’t try to pitch to them just about football, but I try to get to know them as people too.”

He talked a bit about his choice considering he committed extremely early on.

“I knew I wanted to be here with this staff. I had a good relationship with them then and it keeps on growing. I feel like I fit the scheme really well in how I play and it was also close to home and my family which was a big thing for me.”

As mentioned earlier McComb is set to take an official visit to the Jayhawks. This is what he has to say about that.

“I’m excited to get back up there for multiple days. I enjoy spending time with all the coaches but also seeing the current players and just getting to see what life is like up there.”

He will be walking into a competition that would include newly signed and enrolled quarterback Isaiah Marshall.

“I believe iron sharpens iron. He is a great QB and I feel like I can learn a lot from him so I’m excited.”

He was asked if he could describe Kansas in one word for the viewers of Blue Wings Rising. He followed up with the word “Family.”

“Just how the staff treats me up there, they care about me and my family too which means a lot.”

It’s important to keep up with your commitments to see if their recruitment is open or closed at the moment. McComb gave a reassuring answer.

“It’s 100% closed.”