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Everything You Need To Know About Kansas Series Against Cincinnati

The Kansas Jayhawks look to win the road series against the Cincinnati Bearcats
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The Kansas Jayhawks had some promising moments in their last series as they took on the No. 3 ranked TCU Horned Frogs. They went 2-1 to win the series. They won the first two games and dropped the last one in the series however that wasn’t enough to change the series outcome. Following that weekend series, they played a very tough SEC team which they lost to the Missouri Tigers in the 10th inning. The score was 5-4 in favor of the Tigers.

They now move on to their road series against the Cincinnati Bearcats and it’s safe to say all Jayhawks fans are hopeful for pure dominance following the upset loss against the Cincinnati Bearcats in the BIG 12 basketball tournament this week.

Below are the notes needed for this weekend’s series against Cincinnati.


  • Kansas Jayhawks: 9-6 (2-1 conference)
  • Cincinnati Bearcats 10-8 (1-2 conference)

Probable Pitchers (Kansas)

  • Friday: Reese Dutton (3-1, 2.05 ERA)
  • Saturday: RHP Dominic Voegele (2-0, 2.25 ERA)
  • Sunday: RHP Patrick Steitz (2-1, 0.96 ERA)

Probable Pitchers (Cincinnati)

  • Friday: RHP Seth Logue (0-1, 7.53 ERA)
  • Saturday: RHP Tommy Boba (0-2, 10.80 ERA)
  • Sunday: RHP Nathan Taylor (4-0, 6.38 ERA)

Game Times

  • Friday: 4:00 pm CT
  • Saturday: 1:00 pm CT
  • Sunday: 11:00 am CT

Game Coverage

  • TV: BIG 12 Now on ESPN +
  • Radio: Jayhawk Sports Network
  • Stadium: UC Baseball Stadium
  • Where: Cincinnati, Ohio

Game Notes

  • This is the first in-conference road series for the Kansas Jayhawks
  • The three starting pitchers have started all three weekends and have a 1.78 ERA combined. They have earned seven wins in their 12 stars so far.
  • Kansas is the only team in the BIG 12 with three pitchers ranked in the top 10 in ERA

The Expected Starters

  • (C/21) Jake English Sr. (.356)
  • (1B/18) Kodey Shojinaga So. (.344)
  • (2B/7) Collier Cranford R-Sr. (.339)
  • (3B/6) Michael Brooks R-Jr. (.327)
  • (SS/8) Chase Diggins Jr. (.200)
  • (LF/2) Mike Koszewski R-Jr. (.391)
  • (CF/29) John Nett Sr. (.345)
  • (RF/52) Lenny Ashby Sr. (.346)
  • (DH/10) Janson Reeder Sr. (.204)

This game will be a huge test for the Jayhawks as they have proven they can hang with the best. Now the hope is that they can prove they can win on the road in the conference.