Watch: Kansas Commit Nelson Koenig Shows Off Pitch Grips

His off-speed pitches are nasty!

The Kansas Jayhawks recently received a commitment from a star-studded baseball prospect. He is a pitcher and has been dominant.

He talked to Blue Wings Rising in the past.

“My goal was to have an opportunity to start at a power five school with a team that was highly invested in me,” Koenig stated to Blue Wings Rising. “I had a great connection with the coaching staff there and it was all about family first and winning. The head coach Dan Fitzgerald is from Edina Minnesota and had a strong relationship with my club coach Adam Barta. I play a vertical style of pitching with high spin with the fastball and 12/6 curveball, and Kansas has a lot of experience developing that style of pitching. The technology they use for pitching is top level and state of the art and they develop pitchers like no other.”

Koenig dove deeper into his pitch mix. “The fastball and 12/6 curve are the two pitches I trust the most. I know I can work with those two pitches as complimentary to get out. I love trying new things and new pitches, but I want them to be effective and work within the strategy of my approach to use them in the game. I do mix in a slider and a change but they are primarily used to mix in and keep hitters off balance. My usage is much higher on the 12/6 and the fastball.”

If you’re interested in the full conversation click here.

Diving deeper into his pitches he released his grips.

Take a look at what his pitch grips look like and the movements that come with it.

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