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Kamren Ferrari Flowers Talks Jayhawks Offer

The 4-star prospect talks speed and the potential of joining Kansas.
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The Kansas Jayhawks have been on the recruiting trail in an attempt to add some wide receivers. They recently extended an offer to a four-star wideout who has been recruited by multiple Power 5 programs.

Kamren “Ferrari” Flowers is a four-star wide receiver prospect from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Flowers plays high school ball at West Bloomfield High School and measures in at around 6-foot 160-pounds according to ON3. Following his offer he spoke with Blue Wings Rising to recap his offer.

“The Kansas Offer means a lot it’s always nice to have a coaching staff believe in me to be able to envision I can play at their school.” Ferrari Flowers stated to Blue Wings Rising. “Especially having a lot of guys from the metro Detroit area having success at Kansas.”

“I’ve spoken to Coach Simpson and Samuel and Greg I’m building my relationship with Coach Samuel right now he’s a good guy and I trust him and believe he can develop me to the best of his capabilities.”

Flowers is familiar with a specific Kansas enrollee as he is tied to him in a specific way. “Kansas really needs receivers coming from losing five receivers Coach Samuel needs speed and playmakers. Having my ex 7on7 QB Isiah Marshall being the QB the chemistry is there! They are for sure high on my list.”

“Kansas is on the rise as it’s been known for being a basketball school and it’s showing they can play football too,” said Flowers. “They have amazing renovations at the stadium and the staff is making a name for themselves.” “I plan to come to Kansas to see Coach Samuel again and to meet all the other coaches and to see what the campus has to offer. I would for sure say Kansas is one of my top schools they are on the rise and are getting better and better each year and I believe that they can maximize my development if I choose to go there.

The talented wideout believes he can bring a lot to a team like Kansas. “I would bring my speed and playmaking ability and to be a leader on and off the field to contribute to going all the way and winning the conference championships and the end goal of a national championship!”

Flowers details his nickname. “They call me Ferrari because of my speed and I always dress nice and clean just like a Ferrari.”