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Mother Of Andrew Stargel Recaps His Kansas Offer And More

Christy Stargel talks about her son's work ethic and what makes the Jayhawks so attractive.
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The Jayhawks recently extended an offer to three-star lineman Andrew Stargel out of Roswell, GA. He recently spoke with Blue Wings Rising about his offer and what he hopes to bring, but we also spoke with his mother Christy to get a better idea of what her son is like both on and off the field. Take a look.

“I think what separates Andrew from the average athlete is the extra time he puts into training and working out,” Christy stated to Blue Wings Rising. “In the off-season, he lifts every day at school and then trains three times a week with his Offensive Lineman coach, (Vince Vance).”

Christy dove deeper into Andrew as a person off the field. “Andrew is a blast to be around! He is a very kind and humble person who is also super funny! I’ve always said he should be a stand-up comedian if not an athlete! He is constantly making all of us laugh.”

Grades are and will always be important when considering a school like Kansas. “Andrew knows that there is no football without good grades. For as hard as he works on the football field, the expectation is that he works even harder in the classroom.”

“Andrew’s coaches say he leads by example! He’s not a loud over-the-top kid. He knows what the job is and he strives to excel at it on and off the field, showing others the proper way to get it done.” Leading is a huge part of being in a program like Kansas and it’s important to lead your squad especially when on the offensive line.

“Kansas is such a highly esteemed program that we were so excited to get that offer!”

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