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WATCH: Tshiebwe, Fredrick, Collins Speak After South Carolina Defeat

Kentucky forwards Oscar Tshiebwe, Daimion Collins and guard CJ Fredrick spoke to reporters following the Wildcats' 71-68 loss to South Carolina. 

The media scrums can be seen above. 

More on the defeat HERE.

John Calipari's opening statement: 

Offensively we looked better. But, you know -- and in the end a loose ball we don't get. We do a great job of guarding them and a guy runs in and gets a tip. We didn't block him out.

Those are winning plays. Those are the difference between win and losing. And making some free throws. But it's just -- you know, this is a long season. It's a marathon. Am I happy? No, I'm not happy. I hate losing. We were undermanned, but it doesn't matter. You're still playing to win.

The first half I was just like, you know, come on. And look, this team, I got to be a little bit of everything with this team. First of all, I’ve got to build them up. But I’ve still got to hold them accountable. And you're looking at guys, like going nuts on people right now is not the answer. It's just not the answer.

Now can I be tougher on them in practice and all that? Yeah, I can. But, you know, again, there were things today that I look at and I just say, We're better than that. Now, for me, this is a marathon. I still think this team could be good. Got to have a full roster and then we got to go.

I thought offensively we did some good stuff today. But defensively, you know, again, you have six turnovers in a game and you lose the game. I've not heard that before. But, again, you know, they outrebound us.

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