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A Look at the LSU Baseball Position Depth Chart Following 2021 MLB Draft

Tigers have the depth, star power to be among top teams in the country in 2022

LSU is in a very enviable position following the 2021 MLB draft as the Tigers saw the return of multiple veterans who will all contribute to a loaded roster in the 2022 season. 

With the most recent addition of Gavin Dugas to the roster, the Tigers have a chance to return its entire starting lineup from the 2021 season with some added star power coming along with new head coach Jay Johnson. As a result, the depth of this team across the field will be deep as Johnson and his new coaching staff sift through all of the many options they have to work with.

First, it's important to note that this very well might not be thne end result of this roster from a position stand point. Jay Johnson has already been busy in the transfer portal and that could certainly continue. 

But if LSU does walk in to the 2021 fall ball session as presently constructed, there will be depth and a ton of talent across the field. Here's a look at where things stand post MLB Draft.

Infield: Tre Morgan, Cade Doughty, Jordan Thompson, Jacob Berry, Will Safford, Drew Bianco, Cade Beloso, Luke Leto, Connor Simon, Brennan Holt, Alex Milazzo, Tyler McManus

The infield as presently constructed will likely look like this: Tre Morgan at first, Cade Doughty at second, Jacob Berry at third and Jordan Thompson at shortstop. Now there are a few scenarios that could throw a wrinkle into this layout.

For example, Morgan has spent some of this offseason practicing skills to be an outfielder if needed. Should that come to fruition an option over at first could certainly be filled by veteran Cade Beloso, who's coming off his worst season with the Tigers but behind Johnson's instruction, could find that magic with the bat again this offseason. 

It's hard to imagine based off the sheer number of runs Morgan saved as a freshman over at first that he won't continue there. Another year of development for Thompson and he should become one of the more well rounded shortstops in the SEC and Doughty has experience at second and third.

Another option could be Berry over at third base. He spent most of his freshman season as Arizona's designated hitter as he needs to work on his fielding. Should he once again be the designated hitter for the Tigers, it would open up a number of different options for guys like Bianco and the freshmen on the roster.

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With another offseason of development, that should certainly help his defensive skills as it did for Doughty, who looked much more comfortable on defense as a sophomore.

Catcher will be an interesting battle to watch unfold as Milazzo has proven to be a defensive dynamo behind the plate but hasn't brought that offense up to speed two years in. What we know about Johnson is that he's very offensive minded so could that give the transfer McManus an edge in the competition?

As for the depth behind the starters, Bianco, Safford and a trio of freshmen in Holt, Simon and Leto is enough to be confident in the program's future. The three freshmen all come to school as middle infielders and it will be interesting to see if they can be reliable pieces moving forward. 

Outifield: Dylan Crews, Giovanni DiGiacomo, Gavin Dugas, Brody Drost, Mitchell Sanford, Josh Pearson, Joshua Stevenson

Like the infield, the outfield is pretty much set in stone with really only one major question of centerfield in mind. Dugas and Crews will make up two thirds of the outfield, that part is not in question. The two will return to Baton Rouge as All-SEC players and be among the conference leaders in home runs and RBI.

DiGiacomo has announced his return for another season in Baton Rouge, but the Tigers are also hoping that Brody Drost develops over the next several months as an outfielder. Along with catcher, the third outfielder job could be the most intriguing battle to watch unfold ahead of the 2022 season. 

If DiGiacomo wins out, the likely position is centerfield as his athleticism and range are just too valuable in the middle of the field. But if it's Drost that ultimately wins the battle, would the coaching staff consider Crews in center and Drost in right? While he was a much more natural fit in right, Crews did start some games in center and held his own. 

Sanford is coming off a season ending back injury so his status for the fall is very much up in the air while Pearson and Stevenson are two exciting options for the future. Pearson could certainly find his way into the lineup with his bat as a designated hitter for the 2022 team.

While there are many months of evaluating before anything becomes official, the returning talent alone should have LSU as one of the favorites in the SEC next season.