LSU’s Cam Thomas Excited for Opportunity with Brooklyn Nets

Thomas understands adjustment to playing with three superstar talents, will need to become more efficient scorer
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Former LSU standout Cam Thomas has found his home at the professional level: the Brooklyn Nets. The certified scorer looks to bring his exceptional skillset and humble demeanor to a team who looks to compete for a championship right off the bat.

“I had a workout with [Brooklyn] very early into my process. They loved me and I loved their vibe,” said Thomas in his draft room press conference. “I felt like everything was in place. I loved them from the get-go just from that one workout I had with them. I felt like it was a match made in heaven, all our personalities connected.”

As a young prospect, Thomas molded his game after his favorite player, James Harden, and now with the chance to learn from him and arguably the greatest scorer of all time in Kevin Durant, Thomas has opportunity to polish his skillset in many ways.

“With me, watching them so much this year, with James Harden being my favorite player, with me watching Kyrie and how skilled he is, Kevin Durant, with me to come in, learn from those guys and scoring the ball, it’s a match made in heaven,” said Thomas. “I can’t wait to play with some of my favorite players, so that’s crazy.”

Thomas will bring an immediate scoring threat to the Nets bench that struggled heavily late last season. The mentality and all-around versatility he has coming into the NBA is something the Nets fell in love with.

“I’m here to bring a great attitude and to be a great teammate, scoring power and being an all-around player," Thomas said. "Defense, playmaking, rebounding, whatever the team needs, I’m bringing that. I feel like Brooklyn made a really good choice picking me.”

The Nets already have the Big Three, but when the best available prospect turned out to be yet another isolation scorer in Thomas, there was no hesitation as they pounced on the Tiger freshman who was mocked to go a few slots higher in many drafts.

Thomas has no worries going into Brooklyn. The “bucket getter” knows his role coming in alongside NBA superstars and plans to fit their game plan perfectly.

“Hoopers figure it out, man. You can never have too much scoring,” Thomas said. “I feel like all four of us are hoopers and were going to figure it out. I’m going to get my shots and of course, they’re going to get their shots. I have to make the most of my shots. I have to come in with a great mindset. I’m so happy that I’m here.”

The chance to play with his favorite player in James Harden is a dream come true for Thomas, but reaching the next level, he looks forward to playing against Devin Booker among a few others. Taking bits and pieces of NBA superstars has done Thomas right as his offensive game is above most at such a young age.

“Devin Booker, he’s my other favorite player in the league,” Thomas said. “But most of my favorite players are on Brooklyn. To be able to play with them is surreal, but Devin Booker is someone who I’m excited to go against outside of Brooklyn.”

After averaging 23 points per game as a freshman, Thomas looks to come in day one and lighten the load on Brooklyn’s superstars. The lethal scorer has the opportunity to learn from some of the best the NBA has to offer and prove to everyone who passed on him they made a dreadful decision.