LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Will Be Most Successful Rookie According to One NFL Network Analyst

Why Burrow is poised for early success in Cincinnati
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When the Bengals selected LSU quarterback and Ohio native Joe Burrow with the No. 1 overall pick, they did so expecting greatness. His work ethic and knowledge of the playbook has already been praised by many within the organization. 

It's what made Cincinnati comfortable with letting longtime quarterback Andy Dalton go a few weeks after selecting Burrow. With all eyes on him, one NFL Network analyst believes Burrow is in the best position to succeed as a rookie. 

Bucky Brooks thinks there are "three P's" that all young quarterbacks need to have success and Burrow has all three.

"It’s all about Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals,” Brooks said. “For young quarterbacks, it comes down to the three P’s. It’s playcalling, play makers and protection. The play caller, Zac Taylor, has already talked about taking some of LSU’s concepts and some of Joe Burrow’s favorite things that he did at LSU and putting them into the playbook. 

"It’s going to allow Joe Burrow to be very comfortable when he’s in the pocket. Then you look at the supporting cast, AJ Green, Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon. Jonah Williams coming back upgrades the offensive line. I’m not saying that the Cincinnati Bengals are suddenly going to be contenders. But I’m saying they’re much better than it appears. Joe Burrow is going to hit the ground running.”

Burrow certainly has the weapons to have a successful rookie season. The one question mark that comes with the Bengals offense is can the offensive line give Burrow the protection needed to get the ball out to the receivers. 

It's a question that LSU answered the bell time and time again in 2019 when similar concerns were discussed in the offseason. Burrow is a proven leader on and off the field, something his new teammate Green noticed en route to his Heisman winning season.

“I’ve watched him the last two years in the SEC. He beat up my Bulldogs a couple of times. He’s one of the best," Green said. "With his attitude toward the game, the adversity he went through to get to where he is, you’ve got to appreciate that from a guy who’s been an underdog to being a No. 1 draft pick and Heisman Trophy winner. You have to respect his grind and his process the way he goes about his business each day.”

Burrow showed that leadership and accountability minutes after the Bengals drafted him, saying his ability to rally the troops has always been something that naturally came to him.

"I’ve always been really, really good at bringing everybody together to form a common goal, and I think my work ethic kind of permeates throughout the team," Burrow said on draft night. "I’m excited to get around all the guys and everybody within that building.”