Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow and His Family Viewing Extra Time Together as a Blessing

Harrison Valentine

Jimmy Burrow can hear his son, Joe Burrow, barking out signals while he faces a virtual defense on his computer down in his parents’ basement in Athens, Ohio.

As the No. 1 overall pick, and a 23-year-old set to receive $23 million guaranteed, this wasn’t exactly how the former Heisman winner envisioned his first NFL workouts.

But for the Burrow family, it’s been a blessing in disguise.

“We try to look at it as special time with him,” said Jimmy Burrow on 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge’s Off The Bench. “For him it’s not great, but for us it’s awesome. Hopefully one of these days, he’ll look back and realize how fortunate we were to spend that time together.”

The scheme change and the hiring of passing game coordinator Joe Brady was the difference Burrow needed to flip the switch to greatness. After an unprecedented 2019, the Bengals appear to be taking a few pages out of LSU’s book, adjusting their gameplan to fit Burrow’s skillset.

“I think they’re trying to do things a lot like LSU, to put Joe in comfortable situations that he likes,” said [Jimmy] Burrow. “They do have playmakers. It is similar to LSU and what they installed last year. He’s been impressed with the coaches and has been impressed with them.”

In fact, Burrow hasn’t even seen any of the Bengals coaches in-person since the combine. He hasn’t met any of his receivers yet. They haven’t been able to go to the facility. It’s all been virtual.

With team-wide zoom sessions acting as a major tool for NFL teams across the league, Bengal coaches just want to make sure Burrow’s teammates get used to his voice. They’ve even given the players some time alone, without coaches, so they can work things out amongst themselves.

“I’m sure Joe would say that it’s not easy, and it’s difficult,” Burrow said. “They’re making the best of it. I’m sure a lot of teams are going about it in different ways, but it seems like the Bengals, and Joe, have some good things going.”

[Jimmy] Burrow told 104.5 ESPN on Tuesday morning that he often tries to peek down to see what Joe’s working on, but the most decorated player in LSU football history tells his dad to go back upstairs. Even now as a 23-year-old millionaire, some things never change.

“He kind of shushes me out of there,” Burrow said to 104.5 ESPN. “I’d love to be down there watching and listening, but that’s just not what he wants his dad to do.”