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Film Study: 2021 Quarterback Commit Garrett Nussmeier Possesses "It Factor" Quality For Success in Baton Rouge

Nussmeier's pocket presence, accuracy on the move are just a few of his greatest strengths.
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There are many attributes to like that LSU quarterback commitment Garrett Nussmeier possesses. Take a look inside at a more detailed view of his overall game.  

Some quarterbacks are effective because they play in the spread offense. Other signal callers, like Garrett Nussmeier, possess the physical and mental tools to be big-time players regardless of the offensive scheme.

The 6-foot-2, 185-pound signal caller from Flower Mound (Texas) Marcus brings different elements of athleticism and football IQ to the gridiron. In total, he’s what spread offenses need to win big.

This first demonstration displayed Nussmeier’s ability to keep the play alive, yet he also kept his eyes down the field. This allowed his wide receiver time to break open and catch a touchdown pass from Nussmeier.

A nervous signal caller checks down or throws the ball away. Nussmeier showed poise under duress, then made an excellent throw while on the run. Well done. This next clip is a combination of two plays.

Nussmeier possesses really solid arm strength. He certainly steps into the throw on the first pass, but notice how he does not completely follow through during the second pass attempt. It’s arm strength and natural accuracy that won that second play. Quite an effort under heavy pressure.

Again, this is two plays within one clip. Make sure you watch both.

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Even the best offensive lines break down. Sometimes a signal caller must make an accurate pass even when the defense collapses the pocket. Nussmeier delivered a strike right before being hit. Great pass! This next play is a symbol of an all-around quarterback.

No matter how much a quarterback wants to rush into a throw to the first option, sometimes it’s best to wait for a second, third and sometimes even a fourth option before releasing the football. That’s what separates many really good quarterbacks from mediocre ones.

Many indecisive field generals will throw an interception when the first and second option do not come open. Nussmeier’s patience, however, allows him to scan the field and make a pass. It’s textbook quarterback play.

Nussmeier wanted to hit the wide receiver to the backside. Not open. He needed to move to not be sacked, and he kept surveying the field seeking an open receiver. The deep post finally came open. Nussmeier rewarded his receiver with a strike in the end zone.

That’s the type of play that can break a defense’s back. They played solid coverage, applied pressure to the quarterback, yet Nussmeier delivered a great pass for a touchdown.

Before picking out these particular clips, I watched Nussmeier’s film multiple times. It was literally difficult to just pick out a few great clips. There were too many!

The criteria always starts with accuracy. That’s a natural tendency with Nussmeier. He has the ‘It Factor’ when it comes to delivering a pass on the money; especially true with deep passes. That will serve him well in Baton Rouge, but that’s not all he brings to the Tigers’ roster.

He’s a really good athlete and also possesses that innate pocket feel for the rush. Playing in the SEC, that’s important. He will be able to keep plays alive with his feet and his football IQ. When you combine all those categories together, it makes Nussmeier a great fit for LSU football.