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Jayden Daniels Talks Decision to Return to LSU, Injury Update

Daniels has unfinished business in Baton Rouge, feeling 100% ahead of bowl matchup against Purdue.

LSU quarterback Jayden Daniels still has something to prove in the purple and gold. After a year where he saw his game reach new heights, it’s a championship or bust mentality in 2023.

The decision to return to Baton Rouge was one he thought long and hard about, but the chance to build off of this season and take it to another level in Year 2 with the program was one he couldn’t pass up on.

Here’s what Daniels had to say of his decision:

Q. Jayden, starting with you, when did you know that you wanted to come back, and then what was the thought process behind that decision?

JAYDEN DANIELS: I took my time on evaluating and gathering information. But ultimately, it was the best decision for me to come back and accomplish things in college I feel like I need to grow on. I feel like I have unfinished business at college, so I wanted to come back and compete for a National Championship.

Q. Obviously, this has been your first year here at LSU. What stood out to you and what have you learned going through this process and what do you hope to take into next season when you come back?

JAYDEN DANIELS: What I take for next season, really the growth that I had this past season. I had so much more football that I needed to learn that I thought I didn’t, so there is another level that I can tap into as far as growth.

But really just the competition, going out, actually playing in the SEC instead of just watching it on TV. It’s a different level. So you guys know that each and every week is going to be a grind — each and every week in the off-season, you have to treat it the same way.

Q. Tell us the importance of this game for you. Obviously, you want to win and finish on a high note, but did you believe momentum can carry from now into next season and start the season with the big game? You said you have big aspirations. Can this be the start of that?

JAYDEN DANIELS: For sure, it gives guys a chance on both sides of the ball to step up that haven’t played that much to make plays. For me and the offense, going out there and really just showing the world what we want to showcase for next season, going into next season — the momentum. How we finish the season is how we are going to end up starting the season. We want to start on a high note — we want to end on a high note, so we can start on a high note. We have a big game next year against a very good team, so we have a lot coming for us.

But, we want to end on a high note against Purdue.

Q. Just your health, are you feeling like 100 percent? Can you be a complete Jayden Daniels as a runner and passer in this game?

JAYDEN DANIELS: Sure, I rehabbed hard after the SEC Championship Game, going out there — just really hitting hard with the trainers — out there about two times a day, so I can get back to 100 percent before this game.

Q. With this game, not a lot of teams are playing a New Year’s game, I know it’s January 2nd, but how much are you looking forward to running out there and seeing the fans and playing in this high caliber of a game?

JAYDEN DANIELS: I am always grateful for the opportunity to play the game of football, doesn’t matter what date. January 2nd, go out there, be happy, blessed. Go out there, make plays and help, so we can get our tenth win.

Q. How much or maybe specific areas did you see your game grow from your time at Arizona State to now, and then Mike, from what you saw on film to where Jayden was as he went through the season, where did you see him make some leaps?

JAYDEN DANIELS: Piggybacking off what he said, I always knew I was very athletic. I could make plays outside the pocket. It’s going back to the movement keys.

And the big growth in the passing game, I would say the Tennessee game is kind of what clicked for me in the offense. The receivers, being out there on the same page and just going out there making plays, knowing where I am going to the win and being decisive about it.

As the season went on, confidence grew. I guess you could see that on the field from everybody, not just myself.