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Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow on Pace In Return to Field According to Bengals Coach

Bengals coach has yet to see any video of Burrow running or throwing football

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is making great progress on his knee according to his head coach. The No. 1 overall pick from a year ago has always set a personal goal of being ready for week one of the regular season and it appears he's on pace to accomplish his goals. 

"On pace to do all the things we're hoping he would do. He's doing really well," Taylor said. 

This doesn't deviate much from what's been reported over the last few months as videos have been posted of Burrow working out that injured knee, building strength before taking the next jump in his rehab process. Burrow's goal was to start running but Taylor said he's yet to see any video of the quarterback running or throwing.

The rookie quarterback was well on his way to having a terrific season before suffering the injury against the Washington Redskins. Burrow completed 65% of his passes for 2,688 yards, 13 touchdowns and 142 yards on the ground with three additional scores. A few weeks back, video and photos popped up of Burrow putting in some pretty intense workouts on his knee with some of his fellow Bengals teammates.

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"Joe's gonna compete, he's doing well. Everything I hear, he's making great progress on his knee. He's not gonna blink, he's going to have another great year," coach Ed Orgeron said.

"There is obviously a long road ahead and there are opportunities for setbacks along the road, but as far as right now, it's looking as good as it could for where I am at in the rehab process," Burrow said back in January. "The worst part is over, and the fun part begins."