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Former LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow Set to Tackle Another Milestone in Rehab Process

Burrow to start running as soon as next week, hoping for week one return

It's been just about three months since Joe Burrow suffered a gruesome knee injury that included a torn ACL and MCL, including additional damage. Burrow has been on a long journey but is just about to get ready to take another big leap in his rehab process. 

Back in January, Burrow told local media that at the 10-12 week mark, he'd be able to start running and this week, starting Feb. 10, makes it 10 weeks since his surgery. Burrow also said in that same interview that he's still aiming for a week one return and getting back to light running is a big milestone in his recovery.

“I think about gaining muscle and getting stronger. Staying lean is big so I can stay mobile. Getting stronger is more so the goal than gaining weight,” Burrow said. 

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The rookie quarterback was well on his way to having a terrific season before suffering the injury against the Washington Redskins. Burrow completed 65% of his passes for 2,688 yards, 13 touchdowns and 142 yards on the ground with three additional scores. 

While Burrow will be hard at work for the next several months slowly working his way back on the field, the Cincinnati Bengals will need to spend this offseason bolstering the offensive line. Protection will be the key next season as the weapons are in place to for the organization to have a really solid offense in 2021 and beyond. 

"There is obviously a long road ahead and there are opportunities for setbacks along the road, but as far as right now, it's looking as good as it could for where I am at in the rehab process," Burrow said. "The worst part is over, and the fun part begins."