Live Gameday Updates/Thread: LSU Football vs Central Michigan

Tigers look to capitalize on final non-conference opponent before SEC play

Third Quarter

LSU offense goes three and out on Nussmeier's first drive. Not much went right there.

Garrett Nussmeier has entered the game at quarterback.

Pick six thrown by Max Johnson makes it a 42-14 game. Threw it behind his receiver. 

The fact that LSU has held Central Michigan to 12 rushing yards has to be a big takeaway from this one. Chippewas came in averaging 230 on the ground

Ojulari picks up his third sack of the evening.

Scoring Update: LSU 42, Central Michigan 7

Johnson with touchdown No. 5, this one to Devonta Lee. Some pinpoint passes from Johnson in this one Tigers have blown this thing wide open, lead 42-7

Deion Smith is already so smooth. He's putting guys on skates 5 catches, 135 yards and two touchdowns

Maason Smith lining up at defensive end to start this drive. Man that's a scary thought. Tigers force a three-and-out.

Johnson and the LSU offense open the second half with a bullet to Kayshon Boutte for a first down. Another big grab for Deion Smith that is currently being reviewed.

Second Quarter

Half: LSU 35, Central Michigan 7

Chippewas moving the ball down the field. Don't see Elias Ricks on this drive. Tigers will run out the first half with a knee.

Andre Anthony down for LSU. He's been fantastic tonight. Walking off slowly with help of trainers.


Scoring Update: LSU 35, Central Michigan 7 

Right on cue, Bech with a 20-yard touchdown catch Tigers take a 35-7 lead and the freshmen receivers are balling out big time right now.

Jack Bech is going to be a superstar. So reliable already, goes for 31 on his fourth catch of the night. Brian Thomas with a 41-yard catch right after.

LSU defensive line applies some pressure and stalls the Central Michigan drive. Tigers backed up to the eight yard line, have 3:00 to work with

LSU has gotten close to Sirmon a ton and finally gets a sack. BJ Ojulari with the play. Central Michigan had found a little success with converting on crossing routes. 

Nichols finds a little running space and picks up 17. Before that, Central Michigan had 6 yards on 9 carries. 

Scoring Update: LSU 28, Central Michigan 7

Star of that drive was Johnson, who has made some big time throws. He's up to 188 yards passing and three touchdowns on 17-of-21-passing.

Central Michigan brings the blitz on 3rd-and-7, forcing Johnson to complete a pass off his back foot to Devonta Lee. Two plays later Kayshon Boutte scores from two yards out. 

Johnson has made some real pretty throws on the run. Deion Smith with a 15-yard first down catch, continuing his breakout half. 

LSU upping the tempo on third and short. It's worked out well so far. Tigers call a timeout at the Central Michigan 36 yard line, 1st and 10. 

Corey Kiner carries to the outside four yard carry. Follows up with a first down run. 17 yards on those two carries alone

One of the big points of emphasis was this run defense. And it's showed up in this first half. Tigers force a three-and-out. 

Just two yards rushing for the Tigers on four carries. Pass game carrying here through the big downfield plays but purple and gold need to establish a run game.

LSU offense gets a first down but Tigers can't move much after that and forced to punt. Johnson looking Bech's way on nearly every third down.

Passing game has been on point as Tigers look to go up tempo on this drive. Quarter opens with a first down to Koy Moore.

First Quarter

End 1: LSU 21, Central Michigan 7 A lot to like with the first quarter but that was one bad coverage bust.

Scoring Update: LSU 21, Central Michigan 7

There's your defensive breakdown. Busted coverage results in a 78-yard touchdown 

Scoring Update: LSU 21, Central Michigan 0

LSU freshmen recievers making an impact in first quarter: 

Jack Bech: 3 catches for 30 yards, all have gone for first downs 

Deion Smith: 2 catches for 68 yards, both touchdowns

Have a night Deion Smith. LSU freshman catches second touchdown of the first quarter, this one a 40-yard bomb from Johnson

Tigers take a 21-0 leadKayshon Boutte takes a reverse for a first down. Tigers offense a lot less predicable at the start of this game. Bech picks up catch No. 3 all of which have gone for a first down.

LSU front seven absolutely dominating this first quarter. Nichols has five carries for four yards. Three-and-out for Central Michigan. Joseph Evans with back-to-back tackles for a loss on that drive. 

Offense able to complete a third-and-13 pass to Lee right at the first down hash mark. But Austin Deculus wasn't lined up on line of scrimmage and a penalty ensues. Stalls the drive and LSU will punt.

That's a major interception for Major Burns. Blindside block by Maason Smith will move things back a bit but Tigers create two turnovers on first two possessions. LSU offense takes over at the 45-yard line.

LSU defense flying all over the place in this first quarter. As good a start as you could hope for. Some nice work on the run by Sirmon helps Central Michigan pick up another first down. 

Scoring Update: LSU 14, Central Michigan 0

There's No. 7. He forces a fumble and Andre Anthony runs it in. Tigers take a 13-0 lead 5 minutes into the game. 33-yard return for the defense. Perfect start for the purple and gold. 

Lew Nichols breaks a tackle and goes for six yards. He's shifty and sets up Central Michigan for a third down conversion 

Couldn't have asked for a better start on offense. O-line held up well and Tigers take advantage.

Scoring Update: LSU 7, Central Michigan 0

Deion Smith just straight up Moss'd a dude for the first touchdown. 28-yard touchdown. He's the first freshman with a touchdown this season.


LSU has gone no huddle on the last four plays. Certainly a little more tempo on this first drive. Two first down completions to Bech and LSU down to the 28 yard line.

Jack Bech catches the first ball of the game and Tigers going no huddle after the first down. Certainly more up tempo after the first down play.  

Central Michigan wins the toss and defers. LSU will receive to start the game. 

Opening kick goes out of bounds so Tigers will start with great field position. Ball placed at the 35.

Max Johnson throws into double coverage on the first play to Kayshon Boutte, is lucky it falls incomplete. Davis-Price picks up five on second down.


Freshman wide receiver Malik Nabers is dressed out accoriding to the Advocate's Wilson Alexander.

Captains: Liam Shanahan, Andre Anthony, Jaray Jenkins, Darren Evans and BJ Ojulari.

LSU will be wearing the KF initials on their helmets in honor of Kevin Faulk, who lost his daughter Kevione early this week.

Running back Tre Bradford already in his gameday jersey but not participating in warmups. Looks like he'll have to wait another week.

Looks like John Emery is down there with the team as well in his jersey, but obviously still fighting his ineligibility

Tigers are in the building.

Second straight week LSU quarterback Myles Brennan is out here doing some light pregame throwing. 

LSU enters this game with many questions but the biggest of all is how the offensive line will hold up with Austin Deculus and Chasen Hines back from injury. The front line has really struggled to protect Max Johnson and open up running lanes but Ed Orgeron and the staff is hoping an up tempo offense will help speed up the decision making.

In order to accomplish that LSU must put itself in better second and third down situations. 

On defense, how the front seven plays against the run will be a huge indication of just how far this unit has come in the last two weeks. Central Michigan is a very capable running team, averaging 230 yards on the ground over the first two weeks. 

Just a few guys LSU will be without are defensive lineman Ali Gaye, left tackle, Cam Wire, running back Armoni Goodwin and safety Jay Ward. 

Central Michigan, who flew into Baton Rouge on Saturday morning, started taking the field about 80 minutes prior to kickoff.