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Live Gameday Updates/Thread: LSU vs No. 20 Florida

Tigers and Gators set for 11 a.m. kickoff as both programs search for season defining win

Fourth Quarter

Scoring Update: LSU 49, Florida 42

Play action pass on fourth down and Johnson delivers a fourth down strike to Jaray Jenkins, his third of the game


Scoring Update: LSU 42, Florida 42.

That was a dart by Richardson. He hits Copeland for six and that ball couldn't have been any better. 

Florida able to convert on a fourth down and Dwight McGlothern makes a play on first and 10.

Florida has converted on two third down and long conversions on this drive, just a killer. 

On 3rd-and-12, Emory Jones back in and able to complete a pass over the middle for a first down.

Maason Smith and BJ Ojulari able to get after Anthony Richardson on first down, then Neil Farrell gets a tackle for loss on second down. Brings up a third and long as Death Valley start rocking

Scoring Update: LSU 42, Florida 35.

Touchdown No. 3 for No. 3. Davis-Price with the performance of his life. He's up to 204 yards on the ground.

Third Quarter

Florida has no answers for Tyrion Davis-Price as this LSU offensive line has been tremendous in opening up holes today.

Ty Davis-Price loves playing Florida in Death Valley. LSU junior is running over guys and has LSU in plus territory after the Florida tie. He's up to 159 yards on the ground.

Scoring Update: LSU 35, Florida 35.

Richardson is carving up the LSU defense but Tigers are starting to break down. Three straight touchdown drives and this game is tied. 

Richardson carves up the LSU defense with his legs on a 3rd-and-2 run and the Gators are down to the 31-yard line.

Florida is rolling with Anthony Richardson, who has led Gators on two straight touchdown drives.

LSU forced into a 3rd-and-3 situation and Max Johnson over throws Koy Moore. Tigers will have to punt. 

Scoring Update: LSU 35, Florida 28

29 points in this third quarter between LSU and Florida. There's still 8 minutes to play.

Florida marches right down the field with Richardson in at quarterback, answer LSU's touchdown to make it a one score game again. We've entered into a shootout in the third quarter. 

A couple of explosive plays for this Florida offense and Gators down inside the LSU 15-yard line. 

Scoring Update: LSU 35, Florida 21

Ty Davis-Price's play has saved this offense the last two weeks. He breaks free again and LSU takes a 35-21 lead on a 40-yard touchdown. Davis-Price up to 134 yards rushing today after 147 last week against Kentucky. 

Have to give credit to the LSU offensive line, in particular Marlon Martinez who has been great with his run blocking today.

Scoring Update: LSU 28, Florida 21

An egregious taunting penalty gives Florida some life and Gators are now in the LSU redzone. Tigers caught off guard by some more tricky playcalling from Dan Mullen and Florida marches right down the field for a touchdown. 

Pick 6 for Dwight McGlothern. I'd say that's a good way to respond after that first half ending. This game has had a little bit of everything. 

LSU defense has done a nice job of holding Emory Jones and the rushing attack under wraps. 

Atkins boots one out of the endzone and the second half is underway.

Second Quarter

Killer. Florida completes a Hail Mary on LSU to close the half and Tigers lead is 21-13 heading into the break.

Two huge drive killing penalties against LSU and Tigers must punt.

Now Brian Thomas breaks off a big catch and run, called back because of an ineligible receiver down field

Davis-Price breaks off a big run but it will come back because of a hold. Two huge holding penalties against Tigers offense today

BJ Ojulari just committed a murder. Absolutely ran over an o-lineman and sacks Emory Jones for a second time today. Tigers defense forces a punt.  

Emory Jones converts on a 3rd-and-1 to extend the Florida drive. Gators on the opposite side of the 50. 

LSU calls timeout as Florida starts off drive with a few first downs and is up to LSU 45-yard line. Tigers have it down to 3rd-and-1

Scoring Update: LSU 21, Florida 6

Play action pass and Max Johnson hits Jenkins for second touchdown in just over a minute for LSU.

Max Johnson hits Brian Thomas Jr. for a first down to the 7-yard line. Thomas hurt on the play but walks off.

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Micah Baskerville interception. Jaray Jenkins touchdown. Jay Ward interception. Stunning turn here in Baton Rouge. 

Scoring Update: LSU 14, Florida 6

Touchdown Jaray Jenkins. Max Johnson off his back foot drops a beautiful ball to the veteran receiver 

Micah Baskerville interception returned inside 35-yard line. Pass was tipped and LSU set up in great field position. Cordale Flott with the tip pass and Baskerville makes the play, Death Valley rocking on a Saturday morning.

Gotta give this defense so much credit for this start. Down seven starters, Tigers are all over the ball and playing with tremendous effort.


Emory Jones with a quarterback keeper for a first down. Jones hasn't used his legs all that much which is probably a good thing for LSU. Gameplan is to make him beat Tigers with his arm.

Wow. LSU made one of those plays only Florida brings out of them. But a holding call negates a 70 yard touchdown. Instead offense goes three-and-out. Didn't understand not trying to run the ball on first or second down on that drive. 

That Davis-Price run completely shifted the energy in Tiger Stadium. A couple of big hits defensively and LSU forces a three and out. 

Scoring Update: LSU 7, Florida 6

Ty Davis-Price playing like a different dude when those holes open up on 19-yard touchdown run.

First Quarter

LSU driving as first quarter comes to a close. Some momentum gaining for Tigers' offense. Total yards, LSU 92 and Florida with 63 

Johnson underthrows a wide open Malik Nabers. Would've been a touchdown but Nabers had to wait on it. Comes back to him on the next play and connects on a big third down conversion. Tigers approaching the redzone. 

Johnson completes a 3rd-and-15 pass to Jaray Jenkins for a first down. First comfortable throw from Johnson in this one.

Jack Bech just broke a few ankles for LSU's second first down of this drive. Second first down grab for Bech in this quarter. Both of Johnson's completions have been to Bech.  

Davis-Price picks up 10 on first play of possession. He's found a couple of holes in this first quarter.

LSU defense has held up well on two of three drives. Force a second Florida three and out by getting into the backfield and making some great tackles. 

Another slow start for Max Johnson who's missed a couple of reads. That ball to Kirklin was placed well but in double coverage there was almost no shot.

Gators have started possessions at their own 41-yard line twice and 47 on the third drive about to start.

Three possessions, one first down for LSU as Tigers go three and out for second straight possession. LSU punter Avery Atkins watching his punts get beat down by the wind, Florida will set up shop at the 47-yard line. 

Just no blocking up front on these runs, Tigers offense tries to go play action and Johnson swallowed up on the edge.

Scoring Update: Florida 6, LSU 0

Florida picked apart LSU's defense, averaged 9.8 yards per play en route to a touchdown. Neil Farrell able to get a hand on the extra point for a block.

A little trickery from Florida as Emory Jones tosses it back and then runs outside as a receiver for a long play into LSU redzone. Gators score a few plays later.

LSU offense trying to establish the run, get into a third and short and can't convert on a throw to Brian Thomas. Three and out. 

Good tone setting drive from the Tigers' defense after the blocked punt.

Glen Logan gets in the backfield for a tackle for loss in his first game back. Maason Smith third down sack and Tigers defense forces a three-and-out

On 3rd-and-4, Johnson goes deep to Malik Nabers and overshoots him. Crowd wanted a PI but Tigers will punt. Atkins punt partially blocked and Gators have great field position. 

First completion of the day goes to Jack Bech, who picks up 10 and a first down for the Tigers, some nice misdirection on that play call.

LSU offensive tackle Anthony Bradford goes down on the first play from scrimmage. Tigers offensive line came in relatively healthy. He jogs off the field.

Florida wins the toss and deferred. Tigers will get the ball first.


LSU band is kicking off the pregame festivities. This crowd could use a little pep in its step.

Tiger Stadium looking very much like a COVID-19 type crowd 25 minutes to kickoff.

LSU comes into Saturday's game out manned and looking for any kind of momentum it can find. The Tigers are down eight defensive starters including Derek Stingley, Elias Ricks, Andre Anthony and Ali Gaye for this afternoon's contest.

It's a tumultuous time for the program and while there isn't a lot of confidence the Tigers can pull off their first top 25 win of the season, this Florida rivialry always promises for exciting finishes. 

Name of the game this weekend will be how the purple and gold can function on offense without superstar receiver Kayshon Boutte. The Tigers have largely relied on the arm of Max Johnson all season and are in desperate need to see that 147-yard performance from Tyrion Davis-Price carry over into this game.

On defense, slowing down quarterback Emory Jones will be the priority as the Gators QB is finally starting to play with some confidence and is burning teams not only with his legs but with his arm as well.

Major Burns is in a walking boot and receiver Kayshon Boutte is in one of those walking wheel chairs down on the sidelines. LSU will also be without freshman receiver Deion Smith this afternoon.

The Tigers will be relying heavily on Jack Bech, Brian Thomas, Malik Nabers, Trey Palmer, Koy Moore and Devonta Lee for the rest of the season in Boutte's absence.

For what it's worth, Brian Thomas, Trey Palmer and Jaray Jenkins are the listed starters at wide receiver. Dwight McGlothern and Cordale Flott will take over the outside cornerback duties. 

At safety, look for Jordan Toles, Cam Lewis and Sage Ryan to handle most of the snaps, with the freshman Ryan taking over the majority of the nickel snaps.