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Live Game Day Updates/Thread: LSU vs Texas A&M

LSU looks to get back to .500 in Ed Orgeron's final game in Death Valley

Fourth Quarter

Scoring Update: Texas A&M 24, LSU 20.

Touchdown Texas A&M. Absolute killer as LSU nearly had Calzada wrapped up for a third down sack. He evades it, delivers a good throw and Aggies off to the races.

Max Johnson sacked on back-to-back plays and he was not happy with Devonta Lee walking off the field 

LSU brings the pressure on third down and will force another punt. Defense has bent at times this second half but gotten stops when needed

Another drop stalls an LSU drive as Avery Atkins punt goes just 32 yards and Texas A&M will start at its own 36. 

Scoring Update: LSU 20, Texas A&M 17

Touchdown Aggies. Calzada to Preston and this is down to a field goal contest.

Third Quarter

Devon Achane gashing the LSU defense on this drive. Carries of 21, 7 and 18 yards has Aggies at the LSU 30-yard line. 

Scoring Update: LSU 20, Texas A&M 10. 

LSU rides Davis-Price to field goal range and Cade York drills a 47-yard field goal. Tigers lead 20-10, 3:23 remaining in the third quarter

LSU rides Davis-Price to field goal range and Cade York is in for a field goal attempt. 

Haven't seen a running back hit like that since Leonard Fournette. Ty Davis-Price lowers the shoulder and sent an Aggie defender to an early grave. Davis-Price up to 61 yards on the ground, just 20 shy of 1,000-yard season

Big hit Mike Jones Jr. as LSU defense forces a critical three-and-out. Really important stop there as Texas A&M started in LSU territory.  

LSU offense has come out flat. Seven plays, eight yards and two punts. Aggies will start in LSU territory. 

Scoring Update: LSU 17, Texas A&M 10.

LSU holds Aggies only to a field goal after a busted coverage gets them in the redzone, 

Busted coverage leads to a 39-yard gain, Aggies down to the Tigers 15-yard line but have done a terrific job slowing down Spiller. Third down coming up.

Aggies pick up a first down and are up to the LSU 35-yard line. 

LSU offense picks up a first down but no more as drive stalls. 

LSU forces a three-and-out as Glen Logan and Jaquelin Roy get some third down pressure. 

A&M offense out to start the third quarter and immediately flagged for a false start. 

Second Quarter

That's a helluva way to end the half. Three-and-out on defense and a 61-yard score all with under two minutes left 

Scoring Update: LSU 17, Texas A&M 7

Trey Palmer touchdown with 32 seconds left. 61 yard catch and run. That was a momentum shift.  

Jaquelin Roy sack. LSU's interior pressure has been there all night. Third-and-17 coming up for Aggies. Sack leads to a third down minimal gain and Tigers offense should get some good field position with 1:12 to play in first half. 

Jaray Jenkins with a significant drop on 3rd-and-10. A couple of drops this first half from LSU receivers, big drive coming up for the defense 

Max Johnson QB keeper for a first down. Wish there has been more of that this season. LSU ideally needs an extended drive, defense has been on the field most of this quarter.

Nabers drops a first down pass. Offense ideally needs an extended drive here as defense has been on the field most of the second quarter.

Scoring Update: LSU 10, Texas A&M 7

Calzada getting into a rhythm, has completed his last three passes and Texas A&M is into the LSU redzone. Tigers force a 3rd-and-5 but Calzada throws a perfect ball with Tigers right in his face for a touchdown 

Isaiah Spiller came into this game needing 82 yards to get to 1,000 on the season. He has 13 on four carries in this first half but Calzada finding a bit of a rhythm.

LSU's offense gets a first down but forced to punt. Tigers defense back out relatively quickly.

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Johnson locking in on Jenkins in this first half. He's up to four catches in the second quarter for 83 yards and a touchdown. 

Talked this week about LSU not being able to put it all together in one performance. Still early but defense has forced three punts and offense has been balanced, 83 passing yards and 55 rushing yards.

There's more pressure up the middle, forcing Calzada out of the pocket and he trips. Fourth down as Tigers defense force a third straight punt 

Jay Ward and Cam Lewis just layed a few haymakers on a Pass breakup.

Neil Farrell already up to three tackles tonight, two have which have come on third down plays. 

Scoring Update: LSU 10, Texas A&M 0

That's a dime from Max Johnson to open the second quarter. 50-yard bomb to Jaray Jenkins. LSU leads 10-0 Couldn't have asked for a better start

First Quarter

Defense has looked really good and offense has been moving the ball to about it midfield and sputtering out.

LSU forces a three-and-out. Have to wonder what this group could've looked like had it switched up things earlier in the year 

Tigers defense has showed up ready as BJ Ojulari picks up a big tackle for a loss.

LSU gets off to a nice start on its second drive but it stalls as soon as Tigers cross the 50. Atkins punt out of bounds at the 12 yard line.

Max Johnson scrambles for a first and then throws a dart to Jaray Jenkins that gets into Aggie territory. QB1 starting off strong. 

Davis-Price running extremely hard, picks up 11 on first down to start the Tigers' second drive.

LSU brings the pressure on third down and the pass is batted down at the line of scrimmage by Neil Farrell 

Slowing down Isaiah Spiller has to be the priority for the Tigers tonight. He takes a few carries for 7 yards and brings up 3rd-and-3

Scoring Update: LSU 3, Texas A&M 0

LSU playing for the field goal and runs it on 3rd-and-9. Cade York in for a 50-yard attempt and drills it. Tigers go 44 yards on 13 plays, helped by a few penalties.

LSU forced into a 4th-and-1 after a questionable spot and Ty Davis-Price picks up three. Tigers drive extends to the Aggies 35-yard line.

Johnson forced out of the pocket on third down and throws in the direction of Trey Palmer, who draws a PI. Nice rhythm to this drive.

Max Johnson over the middle for a first down to Malik Nabers. 

That's officially No. 60 for Austin Deculus. Most games played in school history 


LSU-Texas A&M just a few moments away from kickoff. Aggies won the toss and deferred, Tigers get the ball first

Senior night about to get started and Ed Orgeron is shown on the big board to a nice applause. 

LSU running back Kevontre Bradford is suited up for this one. He's been in and out of the lineup this season since transferring from Oklahoma. 

Former LSU running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire among the guest captains in attendance tonight. Glenn Dorsey and Alan Feneca also recognized.

Freshman defensive lineman Maason Smith is in street clothes. Was expected as Ed Orgeron had mentioned he was still a few weeks away from being able to play.

Ed Orgeron isn't allowing himself to think about what his emotions will be like when he walks off the field for the final time as LSU's coach. It's set to be an emotional evening for all involved, Orgeron, his team and the fans. 

Despite the downfall of the last two seasons, there's a general sense that this is a game where Orgeron should be remembered and cheered fondly for what he did do for the program. Hosting a top 15 Texas A&M program that's still playing for a potential New Year's Six Bowl invite also would be a good way to sendoff Orgeron.

But of course the giant weight on everyone in Baton Rouge's shoulders is what will happen with the coaching search once the game ends. What's become painfully obvious over the last few weeks has been athletic director Scott Wooedward's impressive ability to not let much information leak out. That will all work itself out in the days and weeks to come.

For this current LSU team, putting together a complete performance is something this team hasn't been able to do all season. With one last opportunity against the Aggies, the LSU offense needs balance with the run and pass game that has been very uneven the last few weeks. It'll be interesting to see if Max Johnson can carry over some of the success behind center he found last week against UL-Monroe. 

"We just haven't clicked on all cylinders," Orgeron said. "Sometimes we're running the ball well, sometimes we're throwing the ball well, sometimes we get down in the redzone and we get bogged down. We should score more points there. It's just been a combination of a bunch of things. We just haven't put it all together yet."

"I hope it's a great atmosphere. I think it will be, we're playing Texas A&M," Orgeron said. "It's our last game. It's a rivalry game for us. Lot of guys it'll be their last game. It's going to be good. Those that come, I want them to cheer for our players."