Live Updates/Thread: LSU Football vs McNeese State

Tigers look to get 2021 season on the right track in home opener against McNeese

Fourth Quarter

Screen pass from Cody Orgeron goes the distance. 44-yard touchdown for McNeese. LSU calls timeout. 

Scoring Update: LSU 34, McNeese 0

First career touchdown for Corey Kiner, who runs it in from 23 yards, the longest run of the day for the LSU backs.

LSU goes three and out on Nussmeier's second drive of the game. 

Cade York drilled a Tiger Stadium record 55-yard field goal in the first half. He breaks his own record in the fourth quarter with a 56-yarder, would've been good from 60.

No risk it no biscuit. That's Garrett Nussmeier's motto after three career throws. Tigers pick up a first down with Nussmeier in the game but he was a little late on a few throws. Still exciting to watch.

Third Quarter

Scoring Update: LSU 24, McNeese 0

Without question this has been Johnson's most impressive drive of the night. Has completed passes to Bech and Boutte and just scrambled for a first down.

Caps off the drive with touchdown No. 2 to Boutte.

Johnson goes to Jack Bech for a fourth time. Bech up to 57 yards on 4 catches.

Defensive line continues to apply pressure on Orgeron and has now forced another punt. Six sacks for LSU on Orgeron tonight

LSU can't get anything going on offense once again is forced to punt. Avery Atkins getting a lot of punts on film.

Gain of 21 yards for Ty Davis-Price on a dump off pass from Johnson. LSU offense up to the 43-yard line. 

Cody Orgeron sacked by Andre Anthony, takes McNeese out of field goal range. 3rd-and-16 coming up. Back-to-back sacks for Anthony as defense will force another punt.  

LSU defense penalized for hands to the face that would've gotten the unit off the field. Then McNeese explodes for a 30-yard run and is at the LSU 30-yard line. 

Offense goes three-and-out on offense to open the half, not what you want. 

LSU to receive the second half kick.

Second Quarter

Half: LSU 17, McNeese 0

Defense doing its job, holding Cowboys to 50 total yards. Offense has been a different story with struggles up front and inconsistency all aroundKayshon Boutte with a second down drop that would've been enough for a first down. Timeout McNeese, LSU facing a 3rd-and-10.

LSU defense has forced five three-and-outs this half, have responded well to the UCLA opener. 

Scoring Update: LSU 17, McNeese 0

Cade York drills it from 55. LSU up 17-0. Enjoy York while you can Tiger fans, he'll be the rare junior kicker who gets drafted. Second longest field goal in school history. 

McNeese brings the blitz on third down and Max Johnson is a sitting duck. A nice start to the drive and LSU will have to try a field goal. 

LSU takes over at its own 44-yard line and is able to get into McNeese territory with a few short passes and runs. Tigers facing a 3rd-and-2 as another Cowboy goes down with an injury. 

Mike Jones makes his LSU debut at linebacker here halfway through the second quarter. Tigers defense forces a fourth three-and-out this half.

Scoring Update: LSU 14, McNeese 0

Davis-Price up the middle for 21yards. His longest run of the season and LSU at first-and-goal. Johnson goes to Kayshon Boutte two plays later. LSU takes a two score lead.

LSU defense forces a fumble on third down and will give the offense great field position. Jaquelin Roy recovers and LSU will take over at the McNeese 28-yard line.

McNeese picks up its first first down of the second quarter to move the ball out to the 30-yard line. 

Max Johnson has time to throw, delivers a beautiful third down ball and it's dropped by Jaray Jenkins. Wouldn't mind seeing some of those freshmen on the field. Tigers forced to punt and McNeese will take over at the 16-yard line. 

Jack Bech having a nice first half. First down catch gives him 3 receptions for 43 yards. Still one catch for Kayshon Boutte on a shovel pass.

LSU doing it's job on defense all things considered. 35 total yards for McNeese on four drives, third three-and-out forced. Tigers front lines doing a good job of getting pressure on Orgeron. LSU will take over at its own 16-yard line.

LSU has to burn a timeout on second down off an incompletion. This offense is totally out of whack. Tigers go three-and-out, McNeese State is getting plenty of pressure on Max Johnson. 

First Quarter

LSU defense forces a three-and-out. Tigers allowed just 33 yards in the first quarter, only gained 86 on offense. 

Well that was big old mess of a drive. On 3rd-and-1 LSU can't convert on the QB sneak. Next play Johnson fumbles the ball and Tigers turn it over on downs. 

Every time LSU runs inside, the backs are getting swallowed up. Kiner with nowhere to go Johnson completes to Jack Bech for the second time tonight for a first down. He's fast.

2 catches for 19 yards for Bech in the first quarter. 

Maason Smith gets the first sack of his career on Cody Orgeron. Tigers will take over at the 20-yard line. 

McNeese picks up a first down on 3rd-and-7. Orgeron hit Joshua Matthews for 11 yards in the middle of the field. 

LSU gets after Cody Orgeron a little bit and brings him down. Cam Lewis helps him up. Cody knows a lot of the players on this team.

Scoring Update: LSU 7, McNeese 0

Outside of Goodwin's 21-yard run, LSU ran 4 times with Davis-Price for 7 yards. Goodwin's run was able to get to the outside, the rest not so much 

On 3rd-and-9, Johnson completes to Trey Palmer, two yards shy of first down. Tigers go for it on 4th-and-2 and Johnson hits Palmer for a 19-yard touchdown

Tigers offense goes 2-for-2 on 4th down as Orgeron was in field goal position twice and rolled the dice. 

LSU goes three straight runs and picks up five yards. Johnson able to convert on a 4th-and-5 to Kole Taylor 

Armoni Goodwin takes his first snap of his career and gets 21 yards. He comes up limping and checks out immediately. Longest run play of the season.

LSU defense opens with a three and out on Orgeron and company. Able to get to the back field and offense will start at own 38 yard line. 

First play for Cody Orgeron is a run to the outside for about six yards. LSU able to stuff the Cowboys for no gain on the next play.  

LSU captains for the game are Cade York, Neil Farrell, Cam Lewis and Kayshon Boutte.

LSU won the toss and deferred. McNeese will receive to open the game.


Already down starting tackles Austin Deculus and Cam Wire, 247Sports Shea Dixon reports that guard Chasen Hines will also not be available. Anthony Bradford is likely to start in his place, making it a big opportunity for not only him but also Charles Turner and Garrett Dellinger. 

The offensive line was the most glaring weak spot for this team and anthing other than a dominant performance against McNeese will raise much more serious questions about how this offense will fare in 2021. 

LSU will also be without defensive lineman Ali Gaye, giving BJ Ojulari and Andre Anthony a prime chance at the bulk of the snaps at defensive end.

The crowds certainly have turned out for the Tiger Walk. It'll be interesting to see how many the team attracts tonight but this looks much more like a normal football crowd. 

This is also the first time in two seasons the Tigers have been able to host high school recruits on campus. Among those in attendance are LSU commit Will Campbell and Texas commit J'Mond Tapp. LSU still very much on Tapp's radar.

If there's one focus on this game outside of the offensive line, it's how can the Tigers put a stop in the run game of McNeese and can they defend the crossing routes. 

LSU quarterback Myles Brennan was also seen doing some light throwing with Max Johnson in pregame warmups. Brennan already out of the cast after breaking his arm right before the start of fall camp.

No Malik Nabers or Sage Ryan for LSU for a second straight week. The two freshmen are in sweats after having very strong fall camp sessions.

Armoni Goodwin is indeed dressed out and should see some snaps this evening. Coach Ed Orgeron has also said he wants to get quarterback Garrett Nussmeier some snaps as well. 

BJ Ojulari listed as a starter with no Ali Gaye tonight. Jay Ward is in street clothes, as is running back John Emery. Freshman Garrett Dellinger announced as a starter for the Tigers at tackle.

Running back Kevontre Bradford in his new jersey No. 26 down on the LSU sidelines. He rejoined the program earlier this week