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LSU-Alabama Reschedule Still a Focus for Ed Orgeron and Company But Becoming Murkier

Tigers potential to reschedule Alabama becoming increasingly difficult with yet another SEC postponement

Somehow, someway, Ed Orgeron and LSU want the Alabama game to be rescheduled this season. The reasons start with the historic nature of the rivalry and of course extend into potential lost revenue for the athletic department should the game remain off the schedule. 

"I'm hearing rescheduling may be made. But nobody's told us for sure. This is very fluid. But I do believe that Alabama and LSU ought to play this year, and I do believe we're going to play somehow, some way," Orgeron told reporters Monday. 

With the way the schedule is currently constructed, a path to a reschedule date is becoming increasingly more difficult. Just this week the Ole Miss-Texas A&M game, two opponents LSU is supposed to play this season, was postponed. Of the five remaining conference teams LSU must play this season, four of them have had at least one game postponed due to COVID-19 protocols. 

One of the favorable recent dates that's been reported as a potential makeup date for LSU-Alabama has been Dec. 5. That would require some maneuvering as well with LSU currently slated to play Ole Miss and Alabama set to play Arkansas.

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But how does the Texas A&M game being postponed with Ole Miss affect these potential plans? There's really no telling at this point as Texas A&M has had to postpone two straight games as it deals with COVID-19 problems and is scheduled to play LSU on Nov. 28. 

At one point last week LSU was preparing for both Alabama and Arkansas in the same 48 hour span not knowing whether or not the game against the Crimson Tide would move forward. When and if the game does get rescheduled, Orgeron says the Tigers will be ready one way or another.

"We spent a lot of time on Alabama, I guess, it was two weeks ago, I can't remember. And so we were prepared to play them. Obviously. We had a game plan in place," Orgeron said. "Once they tell us to play, I think we'll be fine. But you have to remain fluid. Hope the remaining schedule we play all five games. I want to play Alabama. We have a team that needs to get better and everyone is going to present us a challenge, but we're ready for it."