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LSU Offensive Coordinator Jake Peetz Developing Great Relationship With 2023 QB Arch Manning

Manning's high school coach talks about Arch's love for building relationships with various college offensive minds.

Newman coach Nelson Stewart doesn't think he's ever seen the amount of recruiting letters quarterback Arch Manning has received in just the last year alone. 

Half of them are still sitting unopened in Manning's locker room because for the now junior quarterback, that's not what his focus is on. Manning is much more into developing relationships with the various offensive minds leading college programs. 

The now junior is getting into that critical phase of his recruitment where for someone of his profile status, letters and media attention can get quite overwhelming for a high school football player. 

Manning spent the summer touring various college campuses for the very first time, meeting coaches and developing relationships with different programs he's interested in. It's been a very methodical approach, one that he's taking his time with as he gets into the heart of his junior season at Newman High School in New Orleans. 

"He's handled it as good as he possibly could," Stewart said. "Very quietly, I think with Arch we tried to be real organized and helpful in just letting him get to know coaches and foster his own relationships."

From the jump, the Mannings have wanted to alleviate any outside pressure on Arch that comes with playing quarterback in the family. Stewart, who has coached Manning since his early days being introduced to the game, calls Arch a bit of an "old soul." He's not a player that cares about the glitz and glam that comes with football. 

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Manning genuinely has a love and knowledge for the game that makes the most interesting part of recruitment getting to know the coaching staffs. When it comes to LSU, Manning has really enjoyed getting to know offensive coordinator Jake Peetz. Stewart said Peetz has been in steady contact with him, checking once a week and is building a fast connection with Arch. 

While nothing is definitive at this time, the plan is for Manning and his family to go up to Baton Rouge to catch the Ole Miss game on Oct. 23. 

"They've developed a great relationship over FaceTime and Jake's done it the right way," Stewart said. "He's been very calm, he's authentic. Arch really does enjoy the relationships and he just likes talking to coach Peetz about football. I think of the recruitment, O [Orgeron] is phenomenal and that was the first coach he ever spoke to. Coach Peetz has done a great job of getting a relationship.

"He's just had a fast connection with Arch, loves talking ball, Arch loves talking to him. That's why he gets so many great quarterbacks. You the production that Max Johnson has had, Walker Howard. He's just a great coach."

What's been truly impressive to Stewart is Manning's unwavering focus on bringing a state title to Newman, something that not even his father or uncles accomplished. 

"He's the first quarterback I've ever sent a play sheet to on Sunday night to start whittling down and working together to do it," Stewart said. "He's just a real special kid."