Live Gameday Updates/Thread: LSU Football at Arkansas

Tigers in search of first win in a month after three week delay

Fourth Quarter

LSU defense comes up with a huge field goal attempt at the goal line as Franks slips at the five-yard line. Rain definitely played a factor at the end of that drive

Scoring Update: Arkansas 24, LSU 20

On 3rd-and-six, after back-to-back fumbled snaps, Finley hits Jontre Kirklin but the completion is called back because of a hold. Been that kind of half for the offense

Von Rosenberg pins Arkansas inside its 10 once more. 

Tigers force a key three-and-out and get a massive completion to Kayshon Boutte, who could get an extra 15 yards for targeting. What a dime from TJ Finley to Tyrion Davis-Price. That sure looked like a touchdown. LSU calls timeout to review.

TJ Finley to Jaray Jenkins, Touchdown LSU. Tigers take a two point lead with just under four minutes to go. 

Scoring Update: LSU 27, Arkansas 24

Feleipe Franks gets out of a 3rd-and-16 sack for a 13-yard scramble then converts a 4th-and-3 pass into LSU territory. Tigers call a timeout with Arkansas driving.  

Arkansas field goal no good. Jay Ward got a hand on it. What a big series of plays from Ward, who also came up with that big third down hit.

Third Quarter

Half: LSU 20, Arkansas 14

Back-to-back runs from Tyrion Davis-Price sets up LSU at 3rd-and-short. Finley fires a first down completion to Marshall on a nice slant route. 

On 3rd-and-3, Finley has nothing downfield and dropped short of the line of scrimmage. LSU will punt on its opening second half drive. 

Andre Anthony comes up with a huge stop on 3rd-and-1. He's made a few nice plays today, including a sack on Franks. Another three-and-out forced by the LSU defense. 

Fifth three-and-out forced by the LSU defense. Take away the two explosive plays and this is without a doubt the best this defense has looked since the Vanderbilt game 

LSU playing the clock game, controlling the game with short bursts from John Emery and Tyrion Davis-Price on the drive. On 3rd-and-7, Finley hits Jaray Jenkins for a first down and the Tigers are in Razorback territory.

Great second down throw to Arik Gilbert for a first down called back due to a holding call. 

Holding call puts LSU in a third and long and stalls a methodical drive that shaved a good five minutes off the clock. Tigers going to try and pin Arkansas inside its own five with Von Rosenberg out to punt.

Dwight McGlothern in at cornerback for LSU. Didn't see Derek Stingley and Cordale Flott is beaten deep. Explosive play No. 3 is a costly one, leading to a touchdown on the next play.

That was quick. 5 plays, 95 yards and all of a sudden LSU is in danger of trailing with an extra point. Call overturned but Razorbacks score on the very next play. 

Scoring Update: Arkansas 21, LSU 20

Derek Stingley is out for the rest of the game after taking a knee to the helmet. Tigers down their two starting corner after Ricks was disqualified in the first half. 

LSU forced to punt and Finley is lucky that ball wasn't intercepted. Defense needs to get pressure on Franks here with a depleted secondary. 

And a delayed rush gives Franks just enough time to unload a bomb into LSU territory Tigers officially in the Danger Zone as the third quarter ends.

Second Quarter

Finley squeezes in a throw to Gilbert for a first down but Arkansas will challenge . Looks like a catch and a first down. Great control by the freshman with two defenders draped over him.

Arik Gilbert now with 23 catches on the season, perhaps none more important than that one.

TJ Finley threads the needle to Racey McMath for 30-yard touchdown completion, Tigers retake the lead. McMath's first touchdown of the season 

LSU has controlled the game clock 12:17-3:49 in the first quarter and change of this game. Latest drive is 10 plays for 75 yards capped off by the touchdown catch. 

Scoring Update: LSU 10, Arkansas 7

Arkansas offense trying to get to the outside but the LSU defense is making those plays in the early going . Tigers hold Arkansas to a third three-and-out in this first half.

Latest Arkansas drive only lasted 1:32 but it's the longest drive of the day for the Razorbacks. 

Emery fumbled but looked like he recovered and then ripped out by Arkansas on the scrum. Will be interesting call here because Arkansas came away with the ball.

Unless I'm seeing this wrong but I thought he recovered it. No clear recovery. Thought that's what I saw. LSU keeps the ball. 

Kayshon Boutte picks up the first down and then LSU takes a shot in double coverage and it's incomplete.

Completion Terrace Marshall and the junior fumbles. Tigers first turnover of the game. That one doesn't need a review.

This was just about the time the LSU defense unraveled against Auburn. Elias Ricks just laid a massive hit on an Arkansas receiver but that'll likely be his last snap of the day. Could be targeting.

Elias Ricks disqualified. He will be available next week as the targeting call came in the first half. Jay Ward in for the disqualified Ricks. 

Andre Anthony with a huge sack on Franks. Tigers force another punt, the sixth of the day for the Razorbacks. Stingley muffs the punt but recovers. Ball security has been a problem the last few minutes.

LSU offense goes three-and-out and will punt. A 3rd-and-3 delayed handoff goes nowhere.  

Jabril Cox with a game changing interception he takes down to the Arkansas one-yard line. A tremendous play by the senior transfer. Play will be reviewed but for spot purposes.

One play later, Davis-Price takes it in for a touchdown. Tigers go up two scores with 4:21 to go in the first half

Scoring Update: LSU 17, Arkansas 7

Jay Ward beat in one-on-one coverage and Arkansas well into LSU territory at the 25-yard line. Now Ward is called for a pass interference. He replaced the disqualified Elias Ricks and Franks is targeting him.

Franks now puts a helluva move on BJ Ojulari to score a touchdown. 

Wow big time move by Franks who leaves freshman BJ Ojulari on the ground. Arkansas scores in less than a minute after Cox's interception.

Scoring Update: LSU 17, Arkansas 14

TJ Finley now 14-of-19 and has squeezed some very impressive throws into tight windows. Latest to McMath has LSU back in Hogs territory. 

Finley throwing across his body to Gilbert for a first down. That's a big no no but he makes it work. With 27 seconds left, Finley hits Arik Gilbert again, this time to the 11-yard line.

Nine seconds left in the first half, LSU elects to play it safe and go for the run, will settle for the field goal . Cade York 24-yard attempt is good.

Scoring Update: LSU 20, Arkansas 14

First Quarter

Arkansas will get the ball first so we get to see just how much this LSU defense has figured out after three weeks.

First play of the game is a swing pass for a gain of two and the Arkansas goes no huddle with Ali Gaye making a nice pass deflection. Tigers' defense forces a three-and-out, nice start for a struggling unit. 

Back-to-back three-yard runs sets up a dump off to John Emery for a first down . Getting Finley in third-and-short will be a big key this afternoon.

LSU first drive stalls as Finley on the mark pass is dropped by Racey McMath. Plenty of pressure on Finley on that first drive as offensive line didn't have a very good first drive.

LSU defense does its job again, forces another Arkansas punt after one first down pickup. Most notable observation is the defense looks to be in the right position. Have avoided the big plays in the middle of the field.

TJ Finley with time and completes an 18-yard pass to Jaray Jenkins to start the drive. Terrace Marshall escapes a tackle and goes for a big gain into Razorbacks territory. A 20-yard gain for No. 6.

Great throw by Finley on 3rd-and-4. Gave Jenkins a chance but it slides through his hands . 

Cade York drills a 49-yard field goal to put LSU on the board.

Scoring Update: LSU 3, Arkansas 0

JaCoby Stevens comes up and makes a nice tackle at the line of scrimmage. Tigers' defense has been solid but Franks and company just couldn't connect on an easy screen pass that probably would've gone for a first down. 

LSU goes with Emery, Davis-Price and now Curry on its three drives. Orgeron said this week he wanted all three to get a consistent amount of snaps. 

Intermediate completion to Marshall just shy of a first down and LSU is forced to punt. 

LSU defense with its first busted coverage of the day. Arkansas scores on a 65-yard touchdown. Cordale Flott got caught up on a pick route and the Arkansas receiver had an ocean of separation

Scoring Update: Arkansas 7, LSU 3

A couple of strong runs by Tyrion Davis-Price picks up an LSU first down. Tigers are 3-for-4 on third down and less than five yards in the first quarter. 

On 3rd-and-9, Finley scrambles for six yards and puts LSU in a fourth and manageable as the first quarter draws to a close.

End 1: Arkansas 7, LSU 3


LSU will face a depleted Arkansas roster in terms of numbers as coach Sam Pittman said this week that the Razorbacks were facing an uphill climb due to COVID-19 quarantine numbers.

The odds haven’t moved all that much as the Tigers bounce back and forth from a one point favorite to one point underdogs. Keep in mind, Missouri was missing seven key starters including a number of receivers yet was still able to win 45-41.

TJ Finley figures to draw his third start at quarterback but will need to be careful with the ball as Arkansas leads the SEC with 13 interceptions. Junior quarterback Myles Brennan was seen in pregame warmups tossing the ball. Orgeron has said there hasn't been a final decision on shutting him down for the season.

The Tigers will also be getting offensive tackle Dare Rosenthal back on Saturday against the Razorbacks after being reinstated earlier this week. Rosenthal came back in great shape according to Orgeron and will, if nothing else, provide some depth this weekend for the LSU o-line. 

Cam Wire figures to be the starter at left tackle but don't be surprised to see Rosenthal receive some snaps as well.

Ed Orgeron said this last week of practice was the best he's seen out of his team this season and the Tigers are more than ready to face another opponent. 

"It started Monday in the weight room and these guys decided that the standard of performance is unacceptable," Orgeron said. "We're hungry to go prove what we've been doing the last three weeks, we've been working our tails off."

WAFB's Jacques Doucet reports that special teams returner and receiver Trey Palmer is not in uniform. Off to the side in sweats so it looks like the Tigers will be without their electric kick returner.

LSU will also be without safeties Maurice Hampton and Jordan Toles. Todd Harris and Jacoby Stevens will have to do the heavy lifting today.