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LSU Seniors Believe Future of Program is Bright With Impending Change

Tigers veterans excited by direction of young stars on the roster, believe program is in good hands

Damone Clark knows that no matter who LSU brings in as its next coach, it's a move that Scott Woodward and the athletic department will get right. 

While the current coaching staff has been hard at work trying to convince current players on the roster to stick with the LSU program, seniors on the team are relaying similar messages. Clark looks at the talent in the locker room and sees future All-Americans in terms of talent level and has no issues seeing the future is bright for the Tigers. 

"Scott [Woodward] gonna make sure that the right guy comes," Clark said Tuesday. "He ain't gonna just throw him in the fire, he'll make sure the right person comes here and that's what I say all the time. It's a business and that's the life of this business."

The talent is wide ranging on this roster as the Tigers have lost some highly touted players in recent weeks, most recently All-American cornerback Elias Ricks, but there is enough star power remaining and leeway in terms of recruiting and transfer portal that make this a very enticing roster next season.

On both sides of the line, there are younger players who are getting their opportunities to play and gain experience. On the o-line, a number of veterans have missed time in recent weeks, allowing for some of those young, highly touted recruits to earn playing time. 

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"It is interesting, we were talking yesterday in the o-line room that there were so many guys who going into the season didn't have a lot of experience or playing time," center Liam Shanahan said. "Now guys like Kardell [Thomas], Marlon Martinez, Marcus Dumervil or Garrett Dellinger, they've all either started or played meaningful snaps. I think it's been good for all of those guys to get that experience under their belt. We try to hold each other to the same standards."

At linebacker, Clark is extremely interested to see the progress Greg Penn can make. Clark has become a mentor of sorts with Penn, doing what Devin White, Patrick Queen and Jacob Phillips all did for him as a young linebacker with the LSU program.

"A guy I'm excited to see when the time comes is Greg Penn," Clark said. "I talk to Greg Penn all the time, I'm taking him under my wing and I'm telling you he's gonna be an All-American here. I see it."

As for veteran defensive end Glen Logan, he's yet to speak with many of the younger defensive linemen about the future of this program and why they should stick around after this season. But Logan does see a ton of promise in this group that has really been asked to step up this season without him, Andre Anthony or Ali Gaye at various times. 

"Yeah I think about just helping those guys out with things they may see next year," Logan said. "Jaquelin Roy has a really bright future, he's always trying to strive for perfection. Soni Fonua is starting to understand the defensive scheme more and becoming a greater player. It's a long list, Jacobian Guillory, Saivion Jones, there's a lot of guys with bright futures."