LSU Doesn't Think Quarterback Myles Brennan Will be Ready to Play Against South Carolina

Coach Ed Orgeron calls Brennan "very questionable," expects both Finley and Johnson to play

The prospects of junior quarterback Myles Brennan being able to play against South Carolina took another downward trajectory as coach Ed Orgeron called Brennan "very questionable" on Wednesday.

The LSU junior is still healing from a lower body injury suffered in the first half against Missouri. Brennan has not practiced this week and has spent the last week and a half in the training room rehabbing with athletic trainer Jack Marucci, Orgeron revealed. 

"After the game, that's when he got sore and after they tested him, they found out exactly what was wrong, the significance of the injury," Orgeron said. "The thing about the injury is that some people heal fast, some people don't heal fast. I think each human being is different so that's what we're facing."

Brennan's injury was later reported by the Athletic as a torn abdomen, which doesn't require surgery but is an injury that can linger based on how fast each person can heal. Because of that, Orgeron said Brennan could be better in the next week or it may take longer. There's just no way of knowing.

"He's been working with Jack, right now it doesn't look like he's gonna play," Orgeron said. "I'm not saying he won't but right now we're preparing to go with TJ or Max."

With Brennan's status for Saturday's game in serious question, the Tigers are working under the assumption that freshmen Max Johnson and TJ Finley will be the quarterbacks against the Gamecocks. Orgeron said he expects both quarterbacks to play throughout the game but hasn't decided on a starter.

"We're running the same plays, nothing's changed much," Orgeron said. "That's what they've been running and we want to give both the chance to compete. I have no problem starting either one, whatever one it's gonna be, it'll be very close." 

Orgeron said that both quarterbacks are very similar stylistically. Both are bigger quarterbacks with strong arms, with Johnson possibly a little more mobile than Finley at this stage. 

Really the only difference will be in how the two approach their early drives in the game against the Gamecocks, how they handle the pressure of their first start in Death Valley.

"They're very similar and the only difference will be shown in the game," Orgeron said. "Which one's mature enough, which one can handle the pressure, which one can make the calls. We feel that both will do well but you never can tell until you play them."