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Details of Brian Kelly's Hiring to LSU Becoming More Clear

Contract details, possible coaching retentions and immediate steps that will be taken all answers coming to light
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When news broke that LSU had found its next football coach in Brian Kelly, a flurry of news, reaction and analysis immediately broke over social media throughout the evening. Details are now becoming a bit more clear so we decided to do a Q/A on what is known and what still needs answering after a hectic night.

What are the contract details?

LSU is offering Kelly a 10-year, $95 million contract to come to Baton Rouge, according to a press release by the school on Tuesday. Athletic director Scott Woodward has a history of landing the big names on the market and shown he's not afraid to pony up some serious money. 

This contract would align almost exactly with what Woodward offered Jimbo Fisher at Texas A&M and make Kelly one of the highest paid coaches in the country.

What are the immediate next steps that need tending?

Kelly met with his team early Tuesday morning per a tweeted screen shot of a message he sent to his team Monday evening. In the message, he apologized for not being able to break the news to the players sooner and that many had to find out through various reports and social media. 

In terms of what immediately follows his meeting is still unknown. There's still an outside shot that Notre Dame could be a College Football Playoff type team. Seeing as how most of the program, including coaches, found out of the news via social media, Kelly sticking around for a playoff run seems relatively unlikely. LSU made the hire official on Tuesday morning.

“Brian Kelly is the epitome of a winner,” athletic director Scott Woodward said. “He has built and sustained success at every program he’s led, from multiple undefeated regular seasons and National Coach of the Year honors to national titles and College Football Playoff berths. His credentials and consistency speak for themselves.

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Is Kelly retaining any of LSU's Staff Members?

Yes, it's been reported by The Athletic and Gerry Hamilton of ESPN that cornerbacks coach Corey Raymond, as well as running backs coach Kevin Faulk will both be retained on Kelly's staff. Rivals Sam Spiegelman also floated the idea that receivers coach Mikey Joseph is a candidate of retention but Joseph is also being courted by his former alma mater Nebraska. 

Retaining Raymond in particular is an absolute home run as there's really no coach more respected in recruiting circles in Louisiana more so than Raymond. In reaching out to recruits, one popular name in terms of retention that came back was offensive line coach and current interim head coach Brad Davis, known for his development and recruiting skills. 

His big hiring decisions will be who he brings on as offensive and defensive coordinator.

When Did Kelly Decide?

An exact time on when LSU officially got Kelly to commit is still unknown at this time but Kelly was one of the initial candidates the program reached out to. What was interesting when news resurfaced Monday was Kelly emphatically denying any interest in leaving South Bend last week. 

In a press release on Tuesday, the school announced there will be a press conference on Wednesday to formally introduce Kelly but that he'll arrive to Baton Rouge Tuesday afternoon.

But what we've learned in the last 72 hours is that things can change quickly with college football coaching searches and that certainly seems to be the case with Kelly.