Cody, Ed Orgeron Excited to Go Head to Head in Death Valley

Orgeron family will be well represented on the field when McNeese takes on LSU

Cody Orgeron says his father Ed and brother Parker are the two "ride or die" people he has in his life. He doesn't expect communication with either one to tail off as his McNeese State Cowboys prepare to head to Death Valley against his father and brother. 

It'll be a family reunion of sorts on and off the field as Cody, the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, goes head to head with LSU head coach Ed Orgeron and his brother Parker, who is a player development intern on the LSU coaching staff. In meeting with reporters on Monday, Cody said it'll be a different feeling than the normal experiences he's had in Death Valley up to this point.

"I've just gotta do my best blocking out the noise, not getting involved in all the hype, staying off my phone," Cody said. ""Gotta control the controllables."

The McNeese quarterback combined for over 1,800 yards and 13 touchdowns during the Cowboys shortened 2021 spring season and got off to a fantastic start against Division II West Florida over the weekend, throwing for 361 yards and two touchdowns in a 42-36 loss. 

Cody spent much of the offseason training at the LSU facility, where he became close with the likes of LSU linebacker Damone Clark and Andre Anthony, who no doubt will be coming full force at him throughout Saturday's game. 

"This one's special, I've always dreamed about playing in Death Valley," Cody said. "It's a very unique situation playing against my dad but at the same time it's just another football game. Going out in an atmosphere like that, playing in Death Valley, first home game of the season, full capacity, couldn't be more excited."

For LSU coach Ed Orgeron, he has to pull double duty on the fact that not only does he need to scout his son for this week's game but he's also watching to support Cody as well. Orgeron attended nearly every McNeese State game back in the spring during that COVID shortened seven game season. 

Cody is entering year two as the starting quarterback after waiting his turn and the Tigers' head coach notices a difference in the way the offense is gelling opposed to just a few months ago.

"I want to evaluate my opponent but I also want to cheer for my son," Orgeron said. "It was a little bit different but I thought he made some good throws. It's the second year under the same offense, I thought the timing was pretty good."

It hasn't been an easy road for the youngest Orgeron to see playing time as a college football quarterback. Cody was always the "late bloomer" as Orgeron described with media members on Tuesday. But the opportunity for the family to be on the field and in Death Valley is an experience that none of them will ever forget. 

"Personally I'm proud of Cody. He walked on at McNeese and he was the sixth string quarterback and now he's one of the few players left in that class," Orgeron said. "He earned a scholarship, he's graduated, he's getting a graduate degree. He's always been a late bloomer but playing against Cody's gonna be pretty cool. He's gonna be talking some smack, he knows all our players, he's excited to play in Death Valley."

"Cody knows we're coming, we're hungary, we have this taste in our belly and McNeese is in our way and he understands that."