LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Details What to Expect Out of Tigers "Fourth Quarter" Drills

Orgeron announces change in approach during fourth quarter drills
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"Fourth Quarter" at LSU is a mentally and physically draining exercise for the Tigers' players each and every spring. It's a set of exhausting drills meant to push the players to their limits in order to see how they fight and how they respond to such a taxing set of workouts. 

With spring ball just a month away, the Tigers are set to begin the strenuous series of drills next week and with a new coaching staff in place, strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt wanted the new hires to see just exactly how it's run. During an interview with Off the Bench on Tuesday, LSU coach Ed Orgeron said that all of the assistant coaches have been learning this week from Moffit what to expect starting next week. 

"We went through every detail of the drills we're gonna do next week. Fourth quarter is about coaches giving the correct demands and the players listening to the commands and executing it while they're tired," Orgeron said. "Some of the coaches pretended like they were players and and they were examples for the drills."

As just a few examples given by Orgeron, assistant defensive line coach Christian LaCouture was lifting tires, passing game coordinator DJ Mangas was pushing the weighted sled and Orgeron himself had to pull assistant athletics director and 44-year LSU coach Sam Nader off of the tire pull.

Orgeron also revealed that the team will be approaching the fourth quarter drills a little bit differently in 2021. Usually the players are divided up by their individual position groups to run through the exercises but this year, the Tigers will go through the drills as a whole team. 

It goes back to what Orgeron has talked a lot about over the last several months and that's finding some cohesiveness with this group of returning players and incoming freshman talent. For example, as soon as Daronte Jones was hired as defensive coordinator, he immediately announced in his introductory press conference that the safeties and cornerbacks would start working together and not be split up like years past.

"They're all gonna learn how to fight for each other," Orgeron said. "We're not gonna be fighting against each other, we'll be fighting for each other. I thought we needed to be closer as a team like we were in 2019 and it's going to help our team get to know each other."