As Training Camp Begins, LSU and Cincinnati Bengals QB Joe Burrow Cleared for all Activity

Burrow eager to show off improvements in arm strength and all around game
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As Joe Burrow continues his rehab after last year’s devastating knee injury, the high expectations and confident swagger about him are just as prominent as ever.

The former LSU star looks to take the field week one against the Minnesota Vikings as he continues to build his body up in preparation for the season opener. Relatively ahead of schedule, Burrow has his mind set on getting stronger and improving day by day.

“I’m just about 100 percent,” Burrow said at his press conference. “Feeling great, still getting stronger in my legs. Going to continue to lift throughout camp, keep getting stronger, so I just feel great going into Week One.”

Burrow looks forward to showing everyone the work he has put in with his throwing mechanics and overall growth as a player heading into his second season in Cincinnati. The confident gunslinger has worked tirelessly to get to this point in order to be at training camp with his teammates.

“I’ve improved my entire game right now,” Burrow said. “I’m excited to show all my improvements – deep ball, intermediate, protections, everything. I’m just a much better all-around player.”

Burrow has lofty expectations heading into the 2021-22 season, but most importantly he is fully focused on continuing his recovery process and getting his body right for this season. A strenuous rehabilitation process, Burrow is going through the motions with high spirits.

“There's a lot of things I have to continue to do because it's truly a nine-month recovery process, minimum," he said. "We're at about seven and a half months (post-surgery) right now, so there's a lot of maintenance I still need to do. But I'll just compound that on practices, find places I can get rehab in.”

In his rookie season, Burrow looked as poised as ever in the pocked throughout 10 games, but went into this offseason looking to polish a few categories of his game, starting with the base of his throws.

“The biggest thing is getting all my cleats in the ground, both on my back foot and my front foot,” Burrow said. “Instead of stepping with my toe and rotating there, I'm stepping with my full foot and not rotating as much. And that's just allowing me to generate more torque and power in my core and it will translate up to my arm.”

It’s been a long stretch for Burrow to get to this point, but his work ethic has shined brightest in the locker room, getting the attention of all his teammates. A born leader, Burrow has taken charge throughout training camp already, showing his teammates the maturity he attains at a young age.

“I just kind of feel very comfortable in front of everybody saying all the things I need to say,” Burrow said. “Expressing my thoughts on each route and each concept that I expect, where I want them to be, what we can change within each concept. I'm just feeling a lot more comfortable and vocal in those situations.”

Burrow will continue to rehab in order to build his body up for the season opener against the Vikings, but will be a prominent figure throughout training camp, being there for his teammates. With high expectations heading into his second year, the Joe Burrow that we have all grown to love will be prepared for battle in Cincinnati this season.