LSU Kicker Cade York Continues to Smash Record Books, Has Talent to Carry Success to NFL

Coach Ed Orgeron feels York has NFL talent, still has more to prove in college
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LSU kicker Cade York continues to impress as he breaks record after record for the Tigers this season. Breaking his own record last weekend against McNeese St, the junior kicker pushed through a 55 and 56-yard field goal in his record-setting affair.

Before kicking his eye-opening 56-yarder, Coach Orgeron originally sent the punt unit out to take over before ultimately deciding to give York the chance to work his magic.

“That was the first one and then they sent the punt team on,” York said. “I think Mac, Coach O made a decision to punt first and then Mac decided to let him know that I was in range and since there was a timeout, they changed the decision and put me out there."

As York seemingly continues to defy the odds, his workhorse mentality is what has him on the level that he is. A true perfectionist in the kicking game, it’s his steady routine and gritty mentality that has him labeled as one of, if not, the greatest kickers in LSU history.

"If it goes in, it goes in and can't really argue with results,” York said. “But I really liked the first one (Saturday night). The second one was a little bit of a pull, cut it a little too close, but can't complain. It's three points on the board."

Having a weapon like York is game changer for the Tigers. A kicker who can seemingly hit from anywhere once passed the 50-yard line is rare in the college landscape and his teammates confidence in his ability is worth mentioning.

"It's pretty freaking sweet,” quarterback Max Johnson said on York. “We get across the 50 and we think we're in field goal range and we are. He hit a 55 and a 56 yarder, which is a record here for Tiger Stadium."

Along with his teammates giving him the green light in any given situation, the coaching staff knows that any time or any place, York is a viable option. His game-winning kick against the Florida Gators last season in horrendous weather conditions proved his durability.

Just a junior this year, NFL scouts have York on their radar as one of the few kickers to be selected in the NFL Draft this spring. Someone so consistent in their mechanics, routine and on-field success is a surefire target to be picked by any lucky franchise.

"I do believe [he can go pro]," Orgeron said. "But obviously he has to do two things, he has to kick off and I think he can but I do believe he has a bright future. But I felt the same about Cole [Tracy] and Cole's not kicking right now, I think that with a limited roster you have to do two things."

With the support of this entire Tigers unit, there’s no stopping York as he looks to rewrite the record books in Death Valley, hoping to get the chance to continue showcasing his boot the rest of this season.

“I don’t think there is any situation that [Ed Orgeron] would put me out for that I wouldn’t say yes to,” York said. “I want to try it all, but I could see if the conditions were fair and right maybe trying anywhere from 63-65 in a game.”