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LSU Faces Uphill Battle with Offense as Tigers Search for Rhythm

Tigers exploring a number of different options to improve the tempo, find balance in offense

After a dreadful loss to Auburn, all eyes are on what’s next with this offensive scheme heading into game week against No. 16 Kentucky. Struggles with the offensive line have limited the production of this unit as each play gets more and more predictable.

Along with protection issues, a major concern within the offense has been with new offensive coordinator Jake Peetz taking too long to call plays or trying to change plays too late.

"Jake is trying to do a tremendous job," Orgeron said. "I believe in him. There are just a few things we need to get fixed."

Adjusting at the line of scrimmage too late in the game clock and burning timeouts has hurt this team, specifically on the final drive against Auburn. Orgeron harped on the need to relax and make the correct read before trying to do too much.

"We just need to settle down,” Orgeron said. “Mostly just call the play and let them go and not try to change it; I think that's when we get into most of our problems."

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Don’t be mistaken, Peetz has a deep playbook with a talented arsenal of running backs to go to, but the protections just have not been there to expand his game plan. Corey Kiner and Armoni Goodwin have shown they have the spark to give this offense a boost as Ty Davis-Price carries the starting load, but it’s hard to develop an effective run game when each gets stuffed at the line of scrimmage every down.

"We need to make a couple of adjustments on the things we're doing and maybe some different sets, some different formations to help us be more aggressive and attack the line of scrimmage," Orgeron said. "We're not doing that well and hopefully we can get that done this week."

With no run game, Max Johnson has proven he has the ability to create with his legs and make the throws on the run, but runningfor his life and making “hero ball” plays won’t cut it.

Ultimately, the success of this offense comes down to the offensive line doing their job along with Peetz getting in the plays at a faster pace.

The Tigers have a brutal stretch of games on the horizon, but must take it game by game and trust in the elite-talent they have at their disposal. Orgeron understands that this team can be special, but there are small things that must get corrected to reach their potential.

"I get asked questions and they may sound like I'm trying to point the finger," Orgeron said. "You know me and everybody knows me. That's not me. I'm going to take full responsibility for everything that happens in this program."