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Live Gameday Updates/Thread: LSU Football at No. 12 Ole Miss

Expect plenty of offense as Tigers look to take sixth straight from Rebels

Third Quarter

Scoring Update: Ole Miss 31, LSU 7

LSU defense forces a three and out but Tigers offense responds with a three and out of its own. Just nothing on offense since the second drive.

From bad to worse. Max Johnson stripped and Ole Miss will take over at the 40-yard line. 

Scoring Update: Ole Miss 24, LSU 7

Ole Miss marches right down the field and takes a 24-7 lead. Tigers can't make the tackles on multiple third and fourth down attempts.

Rebels go for it on 4th-and-3 and Corral gets it on the designed quarterback run. 

Third-and-10 and Ole Miss gets into the second level on a delayed handoff for a first down run.

LSU offense starts with a short runs to Davis-Price and will bring up third down.

Offense goes three-and-out to start the third. Not the start this offense needed.

Second Quarter

Definitely feels like LSU will need to set the tone on its first drive in the third quarter.

Scoring Update: Ole Miss 17, LSU 7

Matt Corral marches Ole Miss right down the field and Rebels take 17-7 lead. 

Offense started with great balance, but hasn't sustained it on these last two drives. Ole Miss shutting down the run and got after Johnson on that last drive. Tigers will have to punt after going three-and-out. 

Max Johnson sacked on 2nd-and-9 and Tigers' offense will be have to convert a 3rd-and-11 to keep its drive alive.

Ole Miss takes its first lead with a touchdown to Kelly. Rebels lead 10-7 and this feels like a prime opportunity for LSU to get some points before half Tigers get the ball to begin the third quarter.

Scoring Update: Ole Miss 10, LSU 7

Welp Ealy runs on a delayed handoff and gets it down to the LSU 2-yard line. Damone Clark was there to tackle both the running back and Corral. 

Ealy touchdown run will be brought back with a holding penalty. Ole Miss really shooting itself in the foot but Ealy comes right back with a delayed handoff and Ealy gets it down to the LSU 2-yard line.

Ole Miss with a little trickery as some reverses lead to a pass from Drummond to Corral for a big gainer. 

LSU sending out Cade York and Ed Orgeron calls timeout. Kick is from 55 yards out and wide right.

Max Johnson uses his legs for a third down conversion. LSU doing a nice job of holding onto the ball after a long, 13 play defensive drive

Jack Bech draws a pass interference on third down. Bech made sure that flag was thrown. 

Scoring Update: LSU 7, Ole Miss 3

Damone Clark playing his way into day two draft territory or possibly higher. Clark and Farrell are all over the field and LSU forces a field goal attempt.


Ole Miss down to the 11 yard line on some qurterback keepers and Damone

Sage Ryan gets flagged for 15 yards on a pass interference. Had his hand on receiver's arm. Corral searching for No. 15 today. Ryan has held up for the most part, at least 5 or 6 targets against Ryan so far. 

Damone Clark's tackling has been so much improved. Glen Logan injured on the field, not good. CBS also reporting that Jay Ward is getting looked at in the medical tent. 

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Good point here as LSU has finally found an offensive identity, just not the one they expected.

First Quarter

Back-to-back-to-back big runs by Ole Miss and Rebels are up to the 46-yard line.

Max Johnson intercepted at the one yard line on fourth down. Tigers offense goes aggressive and it remains a one score game. 

LSU has controlled the clock in this first quarter with 10:56 Tigers outgaining Rebels 144-36 in offense. Perfect start to this game.

Ole Miss able to stuff LSU running game inside the 5-yard line. Offense staying on the field but has to burn a timeout.

LSU goes for it on 4th-and-1, Tigers draw Rebels offsides, fifth penalty and Orgeron gives a classic reaction on the sidelines. 

LSU running the ball has brought so much balance to this offense. Tigers making these first two drives look easy. 

Ole Miss going to get flagged for DPI. LSU will move the sticks to midfield for second straight drive Rebels racking up the penalties early.

Ty Davis-Price counter picks up 8 on a big hole to the left side. Johnson hits Brian Thomas for a first down on the next play.

LSU defense has gotten off to really solid first half starts the last two weeks. Ryan has made some nice tackles already and the defensive line is mauling Rebels at line of scrimmage.

Three penalties on Ole Miss on these first two drives have hindered drives. Neil Farrell stuffs Ole Miss on third and short, Tigers force a three and out.

Scoring Update: LSU 7, Ole Miss 0

First and goal for LSU and Davis-Price inches to the one. This has been a perfectly excuted opening drive for LSU. Davis-Price punches it in on the next play.

Wow Johnson takes a big hit but makes probably his best throw of the season. Hits Trey Palmer for 44 yards on a beautifully placed ball. Tigers offense in the redzone on a perfectuflly executed first drive. 

LSU's gameplan will be to get Ty Davis-Price going early. Three plays in, Tigers get a four-yard run but Johnson hits his favorite third down target Jack Bech for a first down to the 31-yard line

Nice PBU on third down by freshman Sage Ryan who just gave up a first down. Ole Miss will punt. Neil Farrell and Glen Logan also had some consistent pressure for the Tigers up front. Nice start for the defense.


Corral hits receiver on a slant route for a first down compeltion. Sage Ryan in coverage on that play.

Rebels start with a little end around that picks up eight and an illegal block in the back on the next play will back Ole Miss up.

Ole Miss wins the toss and will receive. 


Cam Wire, Charles Turner and Armoni Goodwin did not make the trip according to Wilson Alexander of the Advocate.

Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral is going through warmups. Coach Lane Kiffin had said this week that Corral was pretty beat up from the Tennessee game. LSU has been preparing for Corral all week.

LSU enters this game riding plenty of momentum on both sides of the ball. The Tigers won the turnover battle with a plus four mark and have found some consistency with their running attack on offense. 

For an explosive offense like Ole Miss, it's foolish to think LSU will completely shut it down. But creating turnovers and controlling the clock by establishing a running attack will greatly benefit the efforts in keeping this game within striking distance. 

Coach Ed Orgeron talked about the importance of making a few of those game altering plays but being versatile with the substitutions is also of utmost importance against a fast paced offense.

“We’re going to have to play two units,” Orgeron said. “But the key to that is to rotate early, not to wait until they’re tired. We got to rotate early so our guys can go 60 minutes.”

This is a big game for the Rebels as tickets have sold out for Eli Manning's jersey retirement ceremony. With Arch Manning also in attendance, the Grove will absolutely be rocking. Manning talked about his excitement for seeing Ole Miss at a packed level on Friday night.

"I know Oxford real well, we have a house there so it's kind of like a second home. I'm excited to get back and watch a good game. Should be a lot of scoring tomorrow."

Captains for the game have been announced:

Coach O and the Tigers have arrived in Oxford.