Why LSU Football Recruit and 2022 Athlete Kendrick Law is Underrated

Law has physical traits and talent to play multiple positions at collegiate level
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One of LSU’s top overall targets displayed his talents this past weekend. He delivered a fantastic performance at four different positions.

If you have yet to watch Kenrick Law play, do yourself a favor and watch his film. It’s a blast. The Shreveport (La.) Captain Shreve prospect is truly an all-around football player. One could argue that Law is not only Louisiana’s best multi-position player, but the best in all of America.

He’s that talented.

On the hoof, from one man’s perspective, Law looked about 5-foot-11 or 6-foot-0, and roughly 185-to-190 pounds. One thing is definitive: Law is absolutely chiseled from head to toe. He’s also a “twitchy” player with excellent lateral running ability, as well as stop-and-go burst. Those two things are elite and no more needs to be said.

Just know that Law could play running back, wide receiver, cornerback or safety at the college level. This is a gifted young man. Now, onto a few points about how Law utilized his talents this past weekend during the Championship 7v7 Tournament in Plano just outside Dallas.


This is a particular area that many young cornerbacks struggle to navigate. For one, Law’s natural strength goes well beyond that of what one would expect from a 17-year old high school player. He’s built like a Mack truck. Bulging biceps and shoulders are not typical for a player that’s locking up with top wide receivers and absolutely physically dominating them from the snap of the football. That’s what Law did numerous times this past April 17th and 18th.

Whether jamming while being lined head up or jamming after lining up sideways and surprising many wide receivers and tight ends, Law’s quickness after the snap, as well as pure strength, caused opposing players to be taken off their preferred route.

As a wide receiver, Law used his body to wall-off defenders during jump balls and slant routes. It looked effortless. He’s so strong for his size that few players could compete with him.


Like any other skill position player, speed is important. Law not only should be labeled as fast, but he’s also capable of going full tilt at a moment’s notice. Even if a wide receiver was behind him or he needed to get off the hash all the way to the sideline while playing safety, Law displayed his abilities time and time again.

It was almost mundane. He is powerful through his hips, and yet he’s not stiff. This allows him to turn and run much better than most players with his build. For this reason, Law could be utilized in many different ways on the gridiron.

Long-Term Position Flexibility

Law is not dead set on playing any one position at the next level. Cornerback, safety, running back and wide receiver are all possibilities for the lucky college that signs him. Which one should a program want him to play?

Here’s an idea: do not pigeonhole Law into one particular position. Allow this young man to learn a position, yet continue to learn other positions as well. He’s very intelligent, boasting a GPA that’s north of 4.0. He is considering going into engineering, just to place his academic profile in perspective.

He’s capable of being the director of a deep secondary, or being a running back or wide receiver that’s helping other players understand coverages and defensive looks right before a play starts. Additionally, do not limit him to traditional offensive and defensive plays.

Once in college, it would be a shame if Law was not utilized on punt and kickoff returns. He’s explosive and proved he could make defenders miss. That powerful frame will undoubtedly allow him to break tackles as well. Law could be a big-time playmaker during special teams opportunities.


Law is just now starting to sort out his official visits. During a brief conversation about some of the schools he’s most interested in, he was pretty nonchalant and admitted that his dad would probably know official visit dates better than he would. Some of the schools that are under consideration for visits include LSU, Alabama, Texas Christian and Florida State.

There’s still a long way to go with Law’s recruitment and no particular school should be considered the front runner just yet. This is a young man that will likely take his time and make the best decision for him and his family.

Final Thoughts

Kendrick Law is a big-time player, and he’s quite possibly the best player in Louisiana. At the very least, he deserves strong consideration for being the top player in the Bayou State. Further, he’s more than just a player.

This young man possesses critical thinking skills far beyond his years. He’s articulate and thoughtful. Combined with his natural athletic gifts and hard work in the weight room, Law could develop into one of college football’s best players and best student-athletes that will likely end up on the Dean’s List.

He certainly proved how talented he was this past weekend during the Championship 7v7 Dallas tournament, and should be considered one of the nation’s top overall high school football players moving forward.