LSU Football to Discuss Derek Stingley Playing Offense This Summer

Ed Orgeron, new defensive coordinator Daronte Jones want Stingley to focus on learning defense first
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Since Derek Stingley's freshman season, there's been a sense that the talented defensive back could also make an impact on offense. But with three different defensive coordinators in three years, Stingley has always had to put his full dedication into learning new defensive systems.

This year could be a bit different as it will likely be his last as a member of the purple and gold. The topic hasn't been brought up in over a year and with the team having to settle multiple skill position battles over the next several months, offensive coordinator Jake Peetz could scheme up a few promising packages for Stingley if needed.

It's a conversation that Orgeron told reporters last week, will be revisited in the summer once Stingley has a good grasp on the new defense brought in by Daronte Jones.

"Here's the deal, I talked to his dad, I talked to him. We have a new defense coming in. I want him to be able to learn the defense this spring," Orgeron said. "Obviously, it's a lot of the same things for the corners. You're either in press-man or you're in zone, but he wanted to be able to master the defense before we even think about moving him to offense. That's something we're going to discuss this summer before camp."

At times last season, Stingley was obviously a bit beat up and had to miss the final two games of the season against Florida and Ole Miss. Stingley recorded 27 tackles and five pass deflections in seven appearances for the 2020 season. The physical traits are always there for Stingley to excel so what he and his father have been working on this offseason is mainly the mental side of the game.

Stingley's father, Derek Stingley Sr., recently made an appearance on the Jordy Culotta Show and talked about what the focus for Stingley is heading into a crucial junior season. 

"It's all mental for him," Stingley Sr. said. "It's just a matter of understanding 'you're gonna have some setbacks' but you have to come back from it. You can't dwell on it, can't feel like you let the team down because someone caught a five-yard pass on you. He was so used to having that success and he never really had that adversity. Know your strengths, know your weaknesses and get by."