Film Review: Why 2022 Offensive Tackle Will Campbell Should Be No. 1 Target for LSU Football

Campbell among the elite offensive linemen Tigers can’t afford to miss on
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There are only so many prospects that possess the size, strength and quickness to be elite offensive tackles within the SEC. Right in LSU’s backyard, Will Campbell has a chance to be one of those truly elite SEC offensive tackles.

The class of 2022 has numerous big-time offensive tackles. One of the best, if not the best, offensive tackles in the land hails from Monroe (La.) Neville. That young man would be none other than Will Campbell.

The 6-foot-6, 295-pound talent is not just a juggernaut that rolls over high school competition. He’s adept at moving his feet, sliding towards smaller and quicker defenders, has good hand placement and sheer power to boot.

While all of those attributes will be shown below, like so many top-notch prospects, one needs to watch a good deal of Campbell’s film to truly grasp his overall talent. It’s not just his natural gifts that make him special, he wants to dominate.

Watch Campbell’s quick feet during this first clip. Further, once he makes contact, he drives his feet and continues to move the defender back. Many offensive linemen would let up. Not Campbell. He just kept on pushing his man down the field, running his feet, as offensive line coaches like to say.

Campbell’s overall athleticism and hand-eye coordination were really good during this particular snap. Considering Campbell’s size, yet his ability to out quick his man, that’s a really good sign for Campbell’s future.

One of the most common plays within the game of football would be the guard and tackle pulling from the back side of the play and leading the running back through the hole. Just about every team uses this play, LSU included.

What’s different about Campbell running it during this play is how well he stays with a much smaller defender, changes direction after contact, and continues to run his feet. Additionally, Campbell stayed square to his man, and did not lose hand placement.

Most powerful young linemen would give a big shove and be done once that player changes direction. Again, Campbell is a bit different. He wants to be dominant. That’s why he’s one of the best players in Louisiana for 2022, and the nation for that matter, and this play is a great example of his talent.

The final clip shows once again that Campbell possesses an advanced understanding of hand placement. Once he’s engaged, it’s truly difficult to move him away. 

His ability to turn the defender is the more important attribute for this play. Campbell moved left, latched onto the defensive end, gained outside leverage and overpowered his man towards the interior where Campbell wanted his man to go.

All this time Campbell kept moving his feet. This point cannot be mentioned enough. Most young offensive linemen, even if talented like Campbell, often stop their feet and rely on brute strength after engaging. Campbell provided quick, powerful steps after taking on the defender. That’s how you defeat a defender one-on-one.

With all of Campbell’s natural gifts, it’s great to watch him play so hard. He loves the game of football. That’s usually what makes a really good player become great. One cannot teach his physical prowess. He’s massive, the frame can add more good weight, and he’s quite flexible and capable of playing left tackle in the SEC West. It’s well worth one’s time to check out all of Campbell’s junior highlights. He’s truly a lot of fun to watch.

As we begin to ascend into the class of 2022, the most important in-state player for the Tigers would be Campbell. LSU needs offensive linemen, and this young man is just up the road in Monroe. He’s a must get for the Tigers.