LSU Ranked No. 2 in College Football Playoff Ahead of Conference Championship Week

Glen West

After closing out the regular season with a bang, it still wasn't enough to stir the pot for the College Football Playoff committee as LSU stayed at No. 2 in the playoff rankings behind Ohio State.

The Tigers are coming off a 50-7 win over Texas A&M while the Buckeyes blew out rival Michigan. One of the reasons the committee justified putting Ohio State over LSU last week was the inconsistent play from the Tiger defense. The defense answered the bell, holding Jimbo Fisher's Aggie squad to 169 total yards and seven points.

Rounding out the top-four were Clemson and Ohio State while Utah and Oklahoma lie just outside at No. 5 and No. 6.

The Tigers have a chance to show the committee once and for they are deserving of the No. 1 spot when the team takes on the No. 4 Bulldogs  in the SEC Championship. Ohio State, on the other hand takes on No. 10 Wisconsin in the Big-10 Championship.

Other SEC teams in the top-25 are Florida (No. 9), Auburn (No. 11) and Alabama (No. 12). A full list of the top-25 can be found here.

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No. 1-1

Hi Glen, Considering the latest playoff rankings, here is one point about how the selection committee seems to be skewing the selection order. I believe that LSU is being set up to play Clemson first, perhaps thinking that Clemson has the best chance to beat LSU. Therefore, OSU can avoid playing LSU in the Championship in the Superdome. Is there any likelihood that is happening? What a great cover with Jeaux Burreaux! Thanks SI, for providing framable art for a lot of Louisiana homes. 😁 While we will likely lose our adopted Cajun to his home state and the Bengals, he will always be the champion of our 2019 season! Yes, Joe is a great quarterback, but he is an even better leader! His future is so bright, he will need new shades! I really enjoy reading your stories, but your editors are missing some grammatical errors. As a lifetime LSU fan (and a graduate), I share your stories with my friends, especially the rivals! I want what you say to have maximum impact, so I can continue sharing. Thanks in advance for working on this.