How LSU Coach Ed Orgeron Plans to Use Final Three 2020 Recruiting Spots

Glen West

LSU closed its Final Signing Period last week with 22 signees, leaving the door open for at most three late additions from the remaining 2020 prospects or transfers. 

On Tuesday morning, Orgeron provided a little more clarity on how he wants to use the final three open spots, a position if you can recall, he's very familiar with. In 2018, LSU had 22 committed players before Orgeron dipped his toes in the transfer portal, coming away with quarterback Joe Burrow and kicker Cole Tracy.

While it's hard to imagine Orgeron reeling in any fish that made the impact Burrow and Tracy did in their time with the program, there are a few positions that could use some extra bodies.

"We have three spots left," Orgeron said. "I am going to be looking at two graduate transfers. I'm going to be looking at some great positions of need and we've got a couple of guys left that if they qualify, could become Tigers."

When Orgeron talks about players becoming eligible, he means 2020 high school prospects that could be added to the class if they can become academically eligible. 

Linebacker and center were two positions he outlined last week as areas the team could address and he reiterated those thoughts on Tuesday morning. 

"Chasen Hines has got to step up there," Orgeron said of the center depth. "Maybe one of the young freshmen we can move there. We are going to see in the spring. We can maybe move a couple guys around for a backup center. Charles Turner is there as a backup center, he has gained some weight, so we will see what he can do."

Orgeron recalled LSU was in a similar position two years ago when deciding what to do about the center position as Lloyd Cushenberry was the only returner with any experience. All Cushenberry would go on to do is start in 28 consecutive games over the next two years and become No. 18 for his junior season.

"But that is a question mark going into the spring. I remember two or three years ago, it was a question mark when Lloyd Cushenberry took over to see if he was big enough," Orgeron said. "And guess what, he answered every question about him. So we are looking for the next guy to step up."

Another veteran linebacker would be welcomed after the departures of Jacob Phillips and Patrick Queen to the NFL draft. LSU has four linebackers coming in as freshmen including Antoine Sampah, Josh White, Phillip Webb and BJ Ojulari.

"Maybe a linebacker, it all depends on what (Bo Pelini) thinks about the guys we have," Orgeron said last week. "We may need one, we may not. We obviously want the best player available."

If Orgeron elects not to use the remaining three spots for this recruiting cycle, the spots would then roll over to the 2021 class. In other words, if Orgeron fills two spots with transfers, one more scholarship would be allowed for the 2021 class.