Top 2021 Safety Recruit Sage Ryan Drops Top-Three, LSU Football Included

Glen West

One of the top prospects in the 2021 class is a little closer to making his college decision. On Thursday, Lafayette Christian safety Sage Ryan released his top three, including LSU, Alabama and Clemson as the remaining schools he’ll be focusing on.

Ryan is without question one of the top remaining prospects in the country who remains uncommitted. He recently appeared at No. 90 on the inaugural SI99 rankings and possesses unique athleticism and talent to play deep safety or in that slot corner position as well.

Momentum has been building for many of the top prospects that are on LSU’s radar as the recent visit to Baton Rouge sparked plenty of positive energy within the group of 14 who attended the trip two weeks ago. Ryan was a part of that group and left the visit very excited by the visit.

“It was real cool, I was able to get a feel for how college really is with some of those guys and it was just a fun atmosphere, a fun group to hang with," Ryan told LSUCountry. "It was real fun, we got to do a lot of stuff around campus and it's kinda like we took over that campus this weekend and LSU didn't even know."

Here's Ryan's SI All-American player profile and scouting report:

Projected Position: Safety or Nickel

Frame: Compact frame with muscular build in upper and lower half. Developed quads with clear definition.

Athleticism: Dynamic accelerator with true conversion of speed to power. Can get to top speed in short order with sustainability. One of the fastest track sprinters in Louisiana, which says plenty at nearly 200 pounds. Sub 4.5-second timings in the 40-yard dash to boot. Strong, explosive leaper from stationary or mobile positioning.

Instincts: Mentality of an enforcer with strong downhill commitment. Great speed combines very well with lower-body power to create devastating hits in space or in traffic. Finds most success in linear game but has some lateral ability with great center of gravity.

Polish: Built to play in the box despite great speed. Impacts all three phases of the game at prep level with rover responsibility on defense. Can come off the hash with purpose and separate the ball from the intended target but lacks some coverage fundamentals. Could stand to improve hip fluidity and leverage in space.

Bottom Line: Ryan can flash in the secondary like few others in the 2021 class from a speed and power standpoint. He has the instincts of a linebacker with the build and speed of a defensive back, making him a candidate for safety or nickel type roles in a modern defense. As his coverage consistency begins to match his pursuit of ball careers and thump on contact, he will make it hard on a defensive coordinator to keep him off the field in the SEC.

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No. 1-1

Ryan is unbelievable. He is a hybrid safety/cornerback/linebacker. Speed, athletic, and physical. Need this playmaker. GEAUX TIGERS