LSU Football 2022 Quarterback Recruit Tevin Carter Overcoming Obstacles After Injury Plagued Sophomore Year

Glen West

The 2019 season was one of overcoming obstacles and a true testament of character for four-star 2022 quarterback Tevin Carter. In what was supposed to be a breakout sophomore campaign for Carter, his season was cut short way too early.

"I don't even remember what game it was but at the end of it, I was taking a hit and I jumped and my leg just gave out," Carter said.

The diagnosis, a torn ACL that would require months of rehab and no more football for the foreseeable future. 

"I went to the doctor, they told me the news, that I had torn my ACL and I just broke down crying," Carter said. "One thing I've learned from this whole experience is to not take any body part for granted. I say that because being on crutches for six weeks really made me miss walking. I thought about how much I took walking for granted and how quick it was taken away from me."

Carter said he now has about six weeks left of rehab and that he should be a ready and in great football shape by the start of his 2020 season at Kirby High School in Memphis, Tennessee.

Tennessee, Florida State and Texas A&M are the schools showing the most interest in Carter as he prepares for his junior season off the ACL injury. LSU is one of 12 schools that has extended an offer to Carter in addition to Ole Miss, Auburn, South Carolina, Michigan and Baylor.

"I didn't even know they gave me an offer initially," Carter said. "I was on Twitter and somebody tweeted out 'LSU is the latest offer for Tevin Carter.' They had called my coach so I think they just wanted to surprise me with the offer because I was pretty excited, I was jumping around."

With an offer in hand, Carter is excited by the prospects of playing for the Tigers and is eager to learn more about Baton Rouge when the coaching staff and recruiters can start contacting him on Sep. 1.  Once everything clears up, Carter hopes to take a visit in the coming months as well as Texas A&M, Tennessee, Florida State and Ohio State.

"They're like dogs down there and they have some of the biggest and some of the top DB's," Carter said. "I know if I can compete against them it'll make me better for gamedays."

He does have some familiarity with Baton Rouge, making the visit for LSU's camp last summer where he spent some time with coach Ed Orgeron, toured the facilities and took a few pictures.

"I got to talk with coach Ensminger because he was working with the quarterbacks," Carter said. "He and coach O told me that I'm going to be good but to just keep working on my footwork, get stronger and that everything will fall into place with me."

Carter prides himself on his leadership skills, his arm strength and is ability to read defenses. After suffering a season ending injury, it gave him time to watch and study film.

"I pretty much know what's going down before the play even happens," Carter said. "The biggest weakness that I have right now is I need to pick up my game speed because when I'm on the field I'm moving too slow. Not necessarily picking up coverages and making reads but my body is actually moving slow. That's not something everybody sees but I see it and I want to get better at it."