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LSU Football 2021 Target Korey Foreman Will be Back in Baton Rouge This Weekend

SI All-American analyst starting to think LSU could be the spot for talented edge rusher

For the second time in a month, top LSU target Korey Foreman will be in Baton Rouge. The 2021 defensive line recruit will be in town for the Mississippi State game, confirming the news after a series of interviews he conducted surrounding his All-American Bowl game jersey presentation.

The visit is an important one as it is still unofficial and he can have no contact with anybody involved with the LSU program, but it allows him to check out a gameday experience. It's not known if he'll actually be one of the 25,000 fans inside Tiger Stadium on Saturday but Foreman will at least get a taste of what it's like to see Baton Rouge in a gameday atmosphere.

Just three weeks ago, Foreman was one of 14 prospects and commits out of the 2021 class who was in Baton Rouge for an unofficial visit to check out the campus. 

SI All-American national recruiting analyst John Garcia offered his thoughts on what this most recent visit means for the purple and gold.

Korey Foreman's already trekked across America to see LSU a couple of times and now will do so again for the Mississippi State game, per the interviews he did surrounding his All-American Bowl Game jersey presentation. He also said he's not 100 percent sure he makes a final decision this year, but the old mantra of tracking the visits seems to be something in LSU's favor, especially when considering his package deal status with Louisiana's Maason Smith. Starting to think LSU is becoming the favorite here.

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Here is Foreman's SI All-American player profile and scouting report:

Frame: Long and muscular on a well-distributed frame. Some room to add mass dependent on position.

Athleticism: Elite lateral quickness and has a bounce to his first step that lets him get inside or outside of his blocker with relative ease. He's so strong that when he uses his hands to separate himself from a lineman, he's usually throwing the lineman to the ground, or at the very least, several feet away from him. Long strider who can hold up in space, running well relative to size.

Instincts: Comes off of the football with good lean and leverage. Strong motor and makes a lot of secondary plays as he chases down ball carriers laterally. Has a nose for the ball and attacks with controlled approach. Swift enough to dip in and out of holes versus minimal contact in the wash.

Polish: Technician on the defensive line. One of the aspects of his game that shows so prominently is his ability to stand up his blocker, read the play, and quickly disengage. Most comfortable at defensive end, but he can be seen at tackle and as a stand up outside linebacker depending on scheme. Effective wide on the line, coming out of four-point stance, too, with strong power and hands attacking regardless of alignment.

Bottom Line: Foreman has the profile, athleticism and polish of a potential No. 1 NFL Draft pick along the defensive front. He is a three-down performer who fits multiple defensive schemes at multiple positions, with the chance to be elite at any one of them. His presence should command double teams for the rest of his football career.